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Their are few characters in existence that intrigues you the moment you start reading their comic. For me, when I first read Miles' inaugural issue into the Marvel's Ultimate Comics --- I found myself caring for this character in the same way I do for Peter Parker. I've tried reading almost every comic available and none of them pique my interest quite like Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

So, when I first heard he was taking over for Peter, outside Marvel's main universe; and I thought 'Wow, he has some pretty big shoes to fill!' I knew that people's reception of him at first will be to criticize him for being something different, but I hope that the talented Brian Micheal Bendis would do justice for Mr. Morales. And he most certainly created a Spider-Man that was not only different, but just as awesome as Peter Parker!

When Sony announced that they will be sharing the rights of Spider-Man with Marvel: I kind of hope that we might see Miles on the big screen, instead of Peter. I know that thought is far-fetch, but after five movies with Parker at the helm --- maybe Marvel would have chose a different direction and select a fresh-face kid to star in their new movies. No matter, I was still thrilled to have recently seen our first glimpse of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War! Here are seven facts for Miles Morales, so we all can get to know him a little bit better and who knows when, or if he'll show up in Marvel's MCU!

1. He was based on Donald Glover, when he auditioned for The Amazing Spider-Man movie; and Axel Alonso (Marvel's Editor-in-Chief) also says Barack Obama can be credited with creating Miles' look also.

If you're lucky enough to see Community, then you know who Troy is; and this comes as no surprise when he wore a Spider-Man t-shirt in one of the episodes --- this is when he was lobbying for the lead part in Marc Webb's Spider-Man movie. Alonso also stated that when Barack Obama was elected -- President of the United States (POTUS) -- there were talks at Marvel introducing an African-America Spider-Man to better reflect the times. Some people thought this a PR stunt to garner Marvel attention for their comics. But if you take the time to read the comics, it's easy to see that Miles was written out of love; and not as a way to be politically correct, or trying to get a larger chunk of the current market share. Check out Axel Alonso had to say about Miles:

People who say this is a PC stunt miss the point. Miles Morales is a reflection of the culture in which we live. I love the fact that my son Tito will see a Spider-Man swinging through the sky whose last name is "Morales". And judging from the response, I can see I'm not alone.

2. He got his powers the same way as Parker's Spider-Man, but at a different location.

Miles was visiting his Uncle Aaron one day and he was sitting on the couch and something bit him on the hand. The spider that bit him was one of Osborne's genetically enhanced spiders. His father and his Uncle Aaron do not get along at all: due to his Uncle being a renown thief called 'The Prowler'. Earlier, he burglarized Oscorp and that's how the spider made its way to his apartment.

Miles was created by Brian Micheal Bendis (writer) and Sara Pichelli (artist) in 2011. He first appeared in Ultimate Comics: Fallout #4 when he stopped the Kangaroo, while he was in the process of committing a crime. Miles and Peter share many of the same powers with a few exceptions: Miles' Spidey-Sense is not as strong as Peter's, but Miles can camouflage his body into the surrounding area and he has something called a 'Venom Strike', which can sometimes paralyze a person with just one touch.

3. He's currently appearing on DisneyXD's Ultimate Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six, voiced by Donald Glover.

He's appeared once before, during the four-part Spider-Verse event when Peter appeared in his Universe chasing the Goblin. It was a heart warming moment when he saw Peter for the first time, because his version of Parker was killed at the hands of the Goblin. The Goblin was trying to nab different Spidey characters DNA in hopes of creating a Spider-Goblin. The Goblin was successful and all the different spider-powered characters joined up at the end to help Peter take him down.

This season, Doc Ock summoned Miles' version of the Goblin with the Siege Perilous (mystical artifact that allows people to travel to different universes). By having another Goblin in their universe --- this created a rift between the universes and threatens to destroy Parker's earth. Peter did the only logical thing to do (hint of sarcasm), he had Dr. Strange create a portal using the Siege Perilous to grab Miles to balance the Earth ( I know, but it's a kid show!). While defeating the Goblin, Miles heroically destroyed the Siege Perilous and is currently stuck in our universe --- he's desperately missing his mom and Peter feels responsible.

4. He has a thing with Kate Bishop.

This is not the Kate Bishop that is in the main universe, but one with a dark secret that will eventually hurt Miles. Kate parents work for Hydra and you can see from the photo up above, that wasn't a smart move on his part revealing he's Spider-Man. Kate tells her sister and then their father drugs and kidnaps Miles. He's tortured by Doctor Doom, but escapes and their relationship didn't survive the ordeal. For some odd reason Kate still likes him, but after all that, he's not interested in her.

5. He survived Secret Wars and now he's in the main universe along with The Amazing Spider-Man!

During the events of Secret Wars, both of the universes are destroyed; and Miles found safety on an escape shift. He was in stasis for around eight years and awakes in Battleworld. Long story short (it's a very long story), he survives and because he's an awesome person (tad more complicated) --- his mother is brought back to life and also his best friend Ganke, they're brought to the main universe. Peter Parker went global and Miles is Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in New York.

6. Miles Morales is an Avenger!

How awesome is Marvel? In recent issues, Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander, and Miles Morales are all on the All-New All-Different Avengers lineup. He's only sixteen-years-old --- so you can expect him to have a few difficulties adjusting to life as an Avenger. But he is a superhero and more times than not, he rises to the challenge and proves why he's an Avenger. One of the best part of the new comic is the dynamic between Ms.Marvel and Miles; they bicker like teens do, oftentimes to Tony and Falcon's dismay!

7. Random Facts

- He's Stan Lee approved:

"Doing our bit to try to make our nation, and the world, color blind is definitely the right thing."

- He saved Nick Fury's life.

-When Miles first started out as Spider-Man, he wore a Halloween costume that Ganke bought a year prior. Throughout his first issue, people commented numerous times on how the outfit was in poor taste: due Peter Parker's demise so recently. Spider-Woman confronted Miles on a rooftop and he threaten to call the cops on her; and she called him a 'dork'. Electro got loose while being locked up in S.H.E.I.L.D --- Miles was there because Fury wanted to speak to him about the costume and also find out if he was like Peter Parker.

Miles show his heroic-side when he used his camouflage abilities and then he struck Electro down with his Venom Strike, saving Nick Fury in the process. Afterwards at school, Jessica Drew came up and gave him his suit --- courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ganke made the hilarious comment ' You know what that means now, I guess we're talking to girls'.

- When he first noticed his powers, he thought he was a mutant. It wasn't until his best friend -- Ganke Lee -- told him that Spider-Man got his powers the same way. Ganke Lee is Miles Morales' most trusted confidant.

- He quite possibly in Marvel's MCU already. The name Morales was mentioned in Daredevil.


There's a ton more interesting tidbits I could give to you, but I hopefully illustrated why Miles Morales is an awesome hero! Miles' first volume in his solo series; this is easily my favorite comic book of all time. Reading about the aftermath of Peter's death --- it was one of the saddest things I've ever read in the comics. If you haven't read the funeral scene with the little girl and Aunt May --- I highly recommend you read and try not to tear-up just a little bit.

Peter Parker became Spider-Man out his loyalty to Uncle Ben and wanting to make the world a better place. Miles became Spider-Man because his loyalty to Peter Parker and not being the hero that Peter needed him to be that night when the Goblin took his life. I get chills reading what Peter said to Aunt May right before his 'death'. Miles Morales is one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe because oftentimes he's subjected unfair treatment and displays human emotions while staying above it all; this is a sign of a true hero.

Source for the quotes: Wikipedia


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