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I was surprised recently, reading that the late Bill Bixby hadn't a star on the Hollywood walk of fame Boulevard. The accomplished actor/producer/director is an icon of the entertainment industry. starting way Back in the swinging pop-culture (1960s) era. appearing in films with other Hollywood greats.

Bill bixby became an house-hold name in comedy shows. ''my favorite martian'' was one of them, a show about a newspaper reporter who becomes friends with a Extraterrestrial played by ray walston. a t v series that aired on C BS TV from (1963) to (1966).

Three years later. Bixby starred in a new t v series, titled '' the courtship of Eddie's Father'' for ABC TV with co-stars Brandon Cruz and Miyoshi umeki. Bixby played the widowed father to a 6-year- old boy. The series aired until (1972).

Then came (1973) and Bill Bixby moved into action/adventure roles showing how multi-talented he was in ''the Magician'' about a suave wealthy Magician who uses his talents as an illusionist and escape artist to help people in trouble. The action show only lasted for one season (1973) to (1974) a show that had a great promising theme for future episodes.

Then came the middle of the 70s era. Bill Bixby took on one of the Biggest Gamble's in television History. Yes. ''the incredible Hulk'' he starred as doctor david Banner alongside Lou Ferrigno as the hulk and Jack colvin who played newspaper investigator jack mcgee. in the CBS TV series which was inspired by the Marvel comic book of the same name. to everybody's surprise the show became a Massive hit world-wide the show aired from (1978) to (1982) completing 5 seasons in all. However. NBC TV purchased the hulk Franchise in (1988) making three t v films with its original cast members.

Bill Bixby went on to other projects after the Hulk. producing, and directing, he eventually died at 59 from cancer in November (1993) A true Hollywood star who Believed in Good Family entertainment. Bill bixby fans around the world would truly love to see a star on the Hollywood walk of fame awarded to the late Bill bixby a true Hollywood Legend in entertainment Gone but not forgotten. R.I.P.


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