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Last week, the CW announced the renewal of all their shows currently on air, including the Arrowverse's latest inclusion, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021). While the Legends renewal was not necessarily a surprise (this is the CW's third highest rated show), having the series back for a second season was not a given. This having been acquired, we can now think about what we would like to see next season.

The main weakness of Legends is its cast. They are extremely unbalanced, with some very charismatic heroes and others who were rather underwhelming. Assuming the exit of the barista and Firestorm, let's now leave the stage to an almost all new cast.

1. Rip Hunter

Legends Of Tomorrow's plot is entirely built upon the notion of time-travel. Unless the show changes its structure completely, it is vital to have Rip Hunter as part of it. He's a Time Master and surely the only person skilled enough to make a team travel through the meandering corridors of time.

2. White Canary

Who can get enough of Caity Lotz? Her interpretation of Sara Lance was one of the main strengths of Arrow's second season and of this season of Legends. If there's no place for her back in Star City, what better show than Legends Of Tomorrow to see her kick some butt?

3. John Constantine

Constantine's short-lived series was awesome, and his short appearance on Arrow was way to brief. If there is anyway to bring back the Hellblazer, Legends Of Tomorrow is probably the best show to do it. Now we just have to find a way to bring him back from hell.

4. Vixen

Vixen's appearance during Arrow's last episode was also terrific but too short. Her animated series has been confirmed for a second season but we want to see more of Mari McCabe. If we can't get Vixen her own TV show, a spot on the Legends roster would already be a huge accomplishment.

5. Mr. Terrific

Curtis Holt was one of Arrow's additions this season. While we already got a glimpse at the famous T-Spheres, we are still a long way from seeing Curtis suiting up as his alter-ego. In a show already overloaded with vigilantes, the third smartest person on Earth would be a good addition to Legends roster.

6. Nyssa al Ghul

With the collapse of the League of Assassins, Nyssa al Ghul doesn't bear the burden of her heritage anymore. Traveling through time would certainly give her life a whole new purpose. Besides, furthering her relationship with Sara would be a very interesting aspect to explore.

7. Connor Hawke

We got to see the first live-action adaptation of Connor Hawke in an apocalyptic future version of Star City. While his future is only one potential timeline among many others, his portrayal of The Green Arrow made us want to see more. And honestly, having a Diggle on your team is always an advantage.

8. Static

This is the only superhero who hasn't been introduced in the Arrowverse yet, but seriously, WB really should consider giving Virgil Hawkins a proper live-action adaptation. At one time, Jaden Smith was rumored to interpret Static on TV. I don't know if this was only tittle-tattle, but I hope the head of WB at least considers his character as a future addition to the Arrowverse. No, seriously have you seen how awesome his powers are?

'Legends Of Tomorrow' airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.


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