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Captain America Civil War is guarranted to be a huge hit, and with Spidey, the trailer released two days ago, has already reached 100 Million views on Youtube.

So, it's a huge movie! And my love for Marvel has lighten up again after that amazing trailer, but look, this is a Civil War movie and someone has to die, to just spice things up, and we can tell if Marvel matured a little, and chooses to kill of some heavy characters, Rhodes might be the one to bite the bullet.

But what if...Bucky dies? And obviously that won't happen, 'because he has to be the next Cap because Sebastian Stan is good looking, mate' i legit heard that reason to why Bucky won't die, and that's ABSURD, man, and i know they won't kill of Iron Man,'s Iron Man, you nobhead, and second of all...know what? Let me show you this picture right here:


As you can see, Bucky's lying down in the floor, with his bionic arm cut off, and we can clearly see the red star, that he always has on top of his arm, like a tatto or something, mate. Now, this picture makes it really clear that Bucky may die, and that could have resulted in Iron Man's blasts, and that's why Cap beats Stark so bad, and looks rather angry.

Now, this could be a major injury, and not a fatal one, but Civil War needs to kill of some characters, cause it's A BLOODY WAR, and Rodney might be the one, but i don't see that happening, to be honest, cause there's always Iron Man 4 you know.

Here's the two reasons why Bucky can and might die:

#1: He's Not Useful Anymore


Let's be honest, WS appearing in Infinity War is not that of an imaginable scenario, to be honest, but still, what's the use in him? Yes, he was badass in the second Cap film, and i bet it's gonna be the same in Civil War, but what can you use him for next? His own solo film? Piss off, mate, cause his time is done in the MCU....atleast i think so.

#2: It Would Further Prove Tony Stark As A Villain And Add Emotional Flare To The Film

Iron Man in Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Iron Man in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Now, one of the most talked about things about the recently released trailer is that Iron Man looks out to be the villain, even though that's Baron Zemo's job, but he seems like evil was swallowed him, but him killing Bucky in a fight with him and Cap would be heartbreaking to fans and Cap.

And adds some emotional flare, this movie desperately needs.


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