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Over the past few months, the official website has been receiving several updates to its databank. While many of the updates just reveal character or planet names, there is one update that could hold major implications for the Star Wars Universe. In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren and General Hux can be found on the Finalizer, The First Order's main Star Destroyer. While it came as a surprise to find The First Order in control of a Star Destroyer (One that is twice the size of a regular Destroyer), it's weaponry is where the real surprise is.

Remember the turbolasers that shot Finn and Poe down when they attempted to escape the Finalizer? Not only are they immensely powerful and advantageous weapons, they are powered by the rarest of artefacts in the Star Wars universe; Kyber crystals.

Kyber crystals are tied to the force, being used to power lightsabers for thousands of years. Using these crystals to power a space weapon is nothing new as it is highly speculated that the Death Star used them to power it's weapon. The entry then goes on to state that The First Order's Kyber Crystals were "harvested in the Unknown Regions,", as opposed to Ilum or Lothal.

While this may seem like nothing to casual fans, the discovery of these crystals in an area other than Ilum or Lothal has huge implications for the Star Wars universe. Their discovery has considerably opened up the already huge universe, but their use in The First Order is something to be feared. It is now known that The First Order has greater ties to the force than we first realised now that they can harvest Kyber Crystals. Supreme Leader Snoke is using the force in ways we thought not possible.

What does this mean for The First Order?

As you can see in the image below, the size of a Kyber crystal to power a lightsaber is relatively small. So what size must the crystal be that is powering the turbolazers on the Finalizer? If they can find a source large enough to power the Finalizer, then it is safe to assume that they could harness more crystals to power more lightsabers!

Imagine a First Order Army wielding lightsabers. We have already seen Fin, someone who is not force sensitive, wield Luke's lightsaber, so it is safe to assume that Snoke has trained the most talented of his army in the ways of the Sith.

The discovery of kyber crystals holds many implications for the Star Wars universe, and with The First Order in control of them, the destruction that follows could be catastrophic.


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