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Before any of you guys start commenting on how your era power of power rangers was the best and why I didn't say mmrp was the best ,I have an answer for that,here it goes .....

I admit it, I grew up watching this show infact I loved every single episode and every single aspect of this show which includes the cast,bad guys etc,but to make it global I got some pretty good points to show how this is the best power rangers season


This is one season where audiences(obviously including me) loved the cast for who they were

  • JASON DAVID FRANK-Needless to say,you know this guy duh! he's the legendary bad-ass power ranger of all time and always will be.And this time he's a high school teacher who speacializes in paleontology ,like how cool is that ! He started off as the evil green ranger then became good,then he became the red zeo ranger ,the red turbo ranger and finally the black dino ranger,In the beginning of this show he did not reveal his past and later on he did ! besides,this is the only season to have a kick-ass mentor.

EMMA LAHANA-Played the role of Kira Ford and she is personally my favourite yellow ranger and always will be.She is known for starring in the 2003 disney movie YOU WISH ! this shows that disney tried to get familiar faces from their own records to be rangers.She plays a tomboyish lone musician and she is badass and the greatest female ranger of all time according to me ! She is also famous for playing the roles of Jennifer mason on HAVEN and also playing roles in serie like Hellcats.She has also done her music scores really well and the videos played during the songs are ranger clips .

JAMES NAPIER ROBERTSON -He is a great actor known for TV shows like the TRIBE for example.He is a really cool red ranger as well.He plays the role of Conner Mcknight a high school soccer star and player,throughout the show we can see a change in his character ,he is also very funny and bad-ass at the same time.He is like the only person who calls Tommy as "Dude" in the first episode .In real life He is also the great grandson of Alan Napier who played Alfred in the Adam West Batman Series.

KEVIN DUHANEY-This guy is hilarious !! he is personally my favourite blue ranger,In this season he plays the role of a champion video gamer.A power ranger as a champion video gamer,like how cool is that !!


Once again after so many years after Tommy's appearence as the evil green ranger .We Once again have Jeffrey parazzo playing the role of Trent Mercer the evil white ranger and to be honest,this guy has the best power ranger costume of all time.He has this stone cold voice and he is a total bad-ass.The writers used a good logic in is suit,in the series his suit is created by the bad guy and so it doesn't have the rangers logo on it ! even though the super sentai one did.And ironically there is a scene where Tommy faces the evil white ranger.


A reptilie sort of bad guy of the name Mesagog is the main antagonist of the series.This guy is freakin intimidating as far as i remember,he is this bad guy who doesn't have a mask like diabolico from lightspeed rescue where his mouth won't move and yet the voice comes out,but this guy is different ,he looks realistic and he is just so evil right from day 1 !


As we all know about pr crossovers its always about two ranger teams teaming up to beat a common enemy or an alliance of both their enemies,but dino thunder broke that formula and gave us the wonderful sight of fights between ranger teams ,morphed as well as unmorphed before the team up.I know you guys hate watching videos while reading articles.But this video is worth watching.


Some of the most iconic scenes in ranger history is a part of this season ,the episode ' history of power rangers' is a tributary episode to 500 episodes of the power rangers franchise.The episode features Tommy monologuing about his life as a power ranger through a video diary and also talks about all the ranger teams till prdn . This episode also works as a proof statement that even though disney owns the rights to power rangers,they still made sure that the previous seasons were a part of this universe.

This show made a lot of power ranger fans start watching power rangers after a long time basically to relive their childhood by seeing Jason David frank back in action.But the show just didn't praise JDF but also worked on other characters as well .But no one thought that Tommy would be returning as a "ranger".


Just don't tink i'm accusing the ranger crew for copying Spider man ,I'm just saying that the story ark is pretty similar.

Latham gaines plays the role of Anton mercer a scientist/buisness man whose alter ego is mesagog ,the main antagonist .He has a son who steals his evil dino morpher and becomes the evil white ranger.Don't you think that is similar to the Norman-Harry storyline.where harry steals the goblin glider and formula.

Also just like Harry,Mercer does not appreciate trent's skills of drawing cartoons .


This is by far an episode meant only for Tommy, In this episode he is in a coma and within his mind he fight his alter egos of white ranger,green ranger, and red zeo ranger.In this episode all his team mates are there in the hospital waiting for him to revive,and come back.He then fights his way through his mind and finally comes to beat the shit out of bad guys.


Its obvious that there aren't any Bulk and skull and I say that Cassidy and Devin did a really great job.That's right folks! Katrina Devine who also played mara in power rangers ninja storm also plays the role of high school gossipy reporter Cassidy korneil and her cameraman / wingman played by Tom hern are really funny together.In the crossover episode there is this scene where katrina devine meets her ninja storm version.Apart from that the rangers themselves where funny ,not like deadpool or anything but they had funny one liners.


After disney took over the franchise,most of the shooting was done in New Zealand,and so the colour tone doesn't differ for ninja storm,dino thundr,spd and etc.But to talk about the colour tone of the show,it starts out pretty dark,but soon gets a bit cheesy and becomes your regular everyday kids show and soon enough after the white ranger arrives,the tone becomes dark again,This is one show where the rangers just don't beat the monster of the day and learn a moral instead it focuses more on the plot.


In the end power rangers dino thunder is a great show and is personally my favourite power rangers season,will be forever and with great weapons,great story,great weapons,allies,great hq,nuff said.Conner,Ethan,Kira,Trent ,Tommy ,Cassidy ,Devin will always remain in my heart now and always.You still don't agree with me ? comment below.



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