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My, oh my do we have our hands full this spring. With Daredevil Season 2 featuring The Punisher and Elektra coming this Friday, Batman and Superman squaring off the following weekend, The Walking Dead season 6 coming to a close, Game of Thrones heavily anticipated return, Captain America: Civil War storming into theaters the very next week, and X-Men: Apocalypse closing off the run on Memorial Day. Okay, you can take a breath now. All set? Good. With the glorious chaos ensuing the entertainment industry in the next few months, an anticipation comparison amongst all the aforementioned would have to be written in novel format. That being said, let's narrow it down to an age old rivalry. Marvel v DC. More particularly, the films that concern good guys chucking their fists at other good guys' faces without any restraint. Those won't be the only swings hitting up the cinema as Batman v Superman and Civil War are both have sights on being held to the same success level as that of Deadpool. Furthermore, there's no chance tension of the companies to claim more raves amidst the public exists between Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios upcoming movies. So; which is gonna do better?


...Now that you're all caught up, let's begin


The Beginning of Something Big

In 2013, the debut of the new Superman in Man of Steel was little known to be the start of something bigger. While Easter eggs for a more vast universe were present, there was at the time only really speculation of a Justice League universe being associated with Man of Steel. The response of the movie was a little rocky to say the least, but Warner Bros. weren't going to let a little divide in reception rain on the their parade, so about a month later, they pulled out the big guns. At SDCC, a month after the release of Man of Steel, it was announced the next time we saw Superman, he'd have some company; and he wasn't going to be a friend. People completely lost their minds with this reveal of Batman actually being in a live action film adaptation with Superman. That was just the beginning as all sorts of controversial casting calls followed, people changing their minds over trailers, so on and so forth. In reality though, we've been waiting for almost two years to see how this turns out, and now the 'two weeks to go' mark has passed. While Man of Steel may have lifted the anchor and adjusted the sails, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is ultimately going to be the wind that directs where this ship is heading; it is the true beginning of the Justice League.

'Big Deal' is a Slight Underestimate

There's no other way to put it, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are going to be on screen, live action, in the flesh in one big movie. Not to mention, popular characters Lex Luthor, Alfred, and Doomsday wil have appearances as well. This is the biggest thing to ever come out of DC in all of it's history of film adaptations as far as scale of characters goes. This isn't just a beginning, it's an initiation into the history of all cinema. Whether or not the execution will be well received we'll have to wait a short while to discover, but whether it performs well or not, this is a cultural revolution for comic book films for not only will Batman be on screen with Superman, but he'll be fighting Superman. In addition, we're going to meet the other members of the Justice League bound to form next November. Using the word 'big' with a movie may have to be adjusted as this takes 'the bar' and throws it out of eyesight.

Lights, Camera, and Most Importantly, ACTION:

Besides being a comic book related adapted film, this falls into the category of 'action.' For good reason as well, for action is what Zack Snyder is well renowned for mastering, and with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Doomsday at his disposal in this movie, I don't foresee an under utilization of action with these characters. With all the superhero/action movies hitting the screens this year, there will be comparisons made left, right, up, down, northwest, southeast, so on and so forth. When it comes to 'action' though, Batman V Superman may take the cake for that in 2016 as it is arguably the most famous superheroes of all time being the ones fighting here. Furthering elaboration, Superman has an extensive list of powers from flight, laser eyes, super strength, etc while Batman has the world's coolest gadgets, vehicles, weapons, combat training, and well, he's Batman for crying out loud. That being said, it's going to be a good fight; maybe the best fight we'll see all year between two characters.


Never Going to Be The Same

For the most part, you can gather up every few years and walk into an Avengers movie to see heroes unite and know what's going on. While seeing Guardians of the Galaxy made you know what the 'purple rock' in that dream sequence in Age of Ultron and The Winter Soldier held the answer of 'what happened to S.H.I.E.L.D?' you can mostly witness the superhero team up without having many questions. When walking into Infinity War in 2018, something tells me you're not going to be able to keep up without at least catching Civil War. Otherwise, you'll be like: "Where the hell did Spider-Man come from?" or "Why are they all mad at each other?" perhaps even "Did _____ die?!?! When did that happen?" Either way, this will be the movie that changes the MCU forever. This is the one "stand alone" Marvel Phase 3 that is an absolute must see. Sure all the other glorious upcoming feature films are likely to be great and effective as well, but this if you are a fan of the MCU and you think this movie can be a fly over, you couldn't be more wrong, for from time and time again, we keep haring from the stars and directors the words "change forever."

Familiar Faces; Not So Warn Out Places

What the heck is that? Well, this is some sort of sea-chamber prison from the new trailer that was released last Thursday and it appears to be where Bucky is going to be contained at the start of the film. This base among the other settings displayed in the trailers aren't places we've seen so far in the MCU showing they're still keeping things fresh and not just hanging out in major populated cities throughout the film's duration. Back to that "familiar faces" point, we get to witness the continuation of the following characters:

...except Quiksilver, Hulk, and Thor...

As well as these guys:

Not to mention him too:

And this dude:

...this little guy too:

All the characters seen above (again; beside Hulk, Thor, and Quiksilver,) we get to even further familiarize ourselves with as we buckle into the next encounters and thought processes each of these characters are battling within and out. With all these characters being either established or fairly new characters, this extensive of a list makes it worth the while for the ticket for I don't foresee another Marvel Studios' "stand alone" film getting this many characters involved. That being said, we can't forget about the secondary and new players coming out of the frying pan and into the fire.

With these new additions (Black Panther and Spider-Man) being introduced, this makes the film all the more pivotal as they both have fast approaching stand alone feature films. That being said, catching Civil War prior to each of their movies will likely be a key to absorbing the characters to a fuller extent.

Faith From The Company:

See that? May 6th. While it may not have crossed a lot of your minds', but Marvel has a tendency to release the films they are most confident with the first weekend in May. In 2008, it was Iron Man, In 2012 it was Avengers, in 2013, it was Iron Man 3, and just last year, it was Avengers: Age of Ultron. Typically other companies tend to shy away from that weekend for their opening that way they don't have to compete with Marvel. So, if Captain America: Civil War is any indicator of confidence from the CEOs and Kevin Feige, than all you have to do is look at the date. Think about it. After Iron Man proved a breakout hit back in '08, they proceeded to release every installment of the franchise that very same weekend; each movie making more than the last with Iron Man 3 even going on to join the billion dollar gross club. Furthermore, both installments of the Avengers are in that club as well as both launched the first weekend of May. After seeing the praise following The Winter Soldier, it was in Marvel's best interest to place the final installment for Cap in the hot seat.

Now Let's Talk $$$:


  • Has first on screen meeting of DC's three most popular characters which is perhaps the biggest driving force behind audience attendance.
  • Those looking for a gritty, intense action flick, Batman v Superman daunts that type of attraction.
  • It's releasing March 25th, and with no noteworthy competition in April, it's likely to rule the box office for four to six weeks.





'Civil War'

  • Continuation of currently the most successful franchise in box office history (the Marvel Cinematic Universe.)
  • Has more characters, some familiar and some new, than any Marvel film to date so far.
  • Last trailer has stirred a lot of buzz amidst comic book community so actually seeing the movie is going to be the determining factor to end or justify doubts or status of "living up to anticipation."
  • Releasing in a busy month, so not likely to carry the box office for more than three weeks.





So there you have it. While I would say I'm personally a little more stoked for Civil War, due to BvS's opening gap with lack of competition, I foresee it winning over the box office by just a smidgen.


Which movie are looking most forward to?


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