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It's already been a month since Deadpool premiered back in February and for such a short amount of time, the film has a lot to boast about. The Merc with the Mouth has lit a box-office fire across the world, raking in over $680 million dollars internationally... so far. The Twentieth Century Fox production is far from done however, it's currently tracking to make another $10 million this weekend in the U.S. alone. Combine that financial success with the fact that a sequel is already in the works, and it's safe to assume that Deadpool is here to stay.

And like the genius that he is, Deadpool has launched another marketing campaign to make sure you don't forget about him. Yesterday, Ryan Reynolds uploaded a video to his YouTube channel urging you to 'Regenerate the Meowgic' and revisit the 'Lifetime experience guaranteed to make your whole family pregnant".

Through gritty footage and a sappy voiceover straight out of a 90's romantic comedy, Deadpool reminds us of all the reasons America has fallen in love with him. The video urges viewers to head to their local 'large format, large popcorn having theaters' and relive the magic that is Deadpool.

Considering the long-road it was to get Deadpool made, and its surprising success, it makes sense as to why Reynolds and Fox continue to promote the film. The foul-mouthed, unashamed Merc tried something different and the world embraced it. So celebrate Deadpool's Monthiversary and watch the new video below!


Are you going to celebrate & see Deadpool this weekend?


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