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To Die Fast And Fail , Is Not What Spock Would Have Wanted

" The choice is yours , and yours alone! " - Olmec , that big awesome ancient face that gave you so much joy as a young Red Jaguar...or silver snake?

Word on the streets is that Nickelodeon has plans to turn one of the most beloved Game shows of all time, into a feature film!

Not only will Kirk Fogg , ( Beloved Host with the Most) be making an important appearance in the movie , but the writers are doing everything in their power to incorporate as much of the show into the movie as Mayanly possible.

This means Anything Goes , Temple Guards , Silver Snakes, Blue Barracudas , and yes Olmec , the very Hip and current Ancient Mayan Face. "Oh Yeahhhhhhh!"

Even though "Shrine Of The Silver Monkey" is not the official title , I cant help but wonder what the final title will be. .Perhaps " The Steps Of Knowledge" ?

Place your bets!


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