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Supernatural fans now have something to celebrate after The CW announced that the show will be back for a 12th season. Not only is a whole new season exciting, but the renewal also makes Supernatural The CW's longest running show in the history of the network, stealing the title from 7th Heaven which ended at 11 seasons in 2007. It's hard to believe it's been almost 12 years since we met the dynamic ghost-fighting duo who were just setting out to find their father.

Luckily, it seems The CW president Mark Pedowits loves Supernatural as much as its fans do, explaining at the TCA press tour,

“If they can keep delivering stories, and the numbers keep holding, and the guys want to do it, we’re going to try to keep going. I can’t tell you if there will be a season 12 yet. I can’t tell you if there will be a season 15 yet. I can’t tell you if it won’t outlast my tenure at the CW. My guess is it will outlast me.”

Joining Supernatural in defeating the Cancellation Bear are all of The CW's TV shows. According to Entertainment Weekly, the network opted to renew every single one of their current shows, including The Flash, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane the Virgin, and The 100, surely delighting many fans.

“The CW has become home to some of the most critically-acclaimed shows on broadcast television, with a wide array of fantastic scripted series across the week, ranging from musical comedy, to superhero action, to gritty sci-fi dramas. As we continue to further our strategy of more year-round original programming, picking up these 11 series for the 2016–2017 season puts us in a great position of having proven, high-quality shows to launch in the fall as well as midseason and summer of 2017.”

It's refreshing to see the president of a television network have such faith in his network's shows.

And it's no surprise he does since The CW has been able to do what no other network has over the last couple years due to so many new mobile options, which is increase show ratings across the board!

The youth-oriented network is going strong in a world where many channels are catering more to the large population of baby boomers.

It's nice to know the Millenials haven't been forgotten!


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