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I think I need to give you some context on how I got to this short-film.

I'm a crazy Hot Wheels car collector. It's something I've done my entire life and while only since last Summer I got more seriously into it, I have in possession over 250 cars. In this year's Hot Wheels Mainline collection, there is a Porsche 356A Urban Outlaw miniature. It's matte black and it looks amazing. Look:

Just look at this beauty!
Just look at this beauty!

It's an interesting model. And it spiked my interest to know more about who Magnus Walker is.

And that's how I ended up at Tamir Mosocovici's 2012 short-film about the now famous Porsche modder.

The film opens up with a beautiful scene: A garage full of Porsches. Each one in their own particular style and personality, it's not hard to get lost in the details, be it on how the cars are posed, be it on the decoration the garage has, with posters and other bits.


This is really an interesting opportunity to know the man behind the Porsche scene, as Walker doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Better, he enjoys it.

Here is a man, full of knowledge and trivia about the German exotic car brand, telling us the story of his life and how he's been able to make everything work along with his wife, Karen Caid, that clearly deposits her full trust in him.

But beyond that, Walker is the most passionate and inspiring figure you'll probably ever meet. Everything he does is towards what he calls his "Porsche Passion" and states that sometimes he loses some sleep just thinking on what he has to do to the cars he's restoring. He is also a man with a vision. He know exactly what he wants and how he wants it and is willing to put in all the work, living and breathing Porsche.

At one point, he even tells us about when he wrote to Porsche at the age of 5, saying he'd like to design for them. Funny thing, Porsche answered and told him that when he was older to get in touch. 30 odd years later, here he is, now a landmark and a must-know person in the Porsche community. That my friends is what giving your heart and soul for some you believe is all about.

Join his stories with an amazing cinematography and a wonderful soundtrack and you'll find yourself wanting to make something pure out of your life, I guarantee it.

You can watch the full movie below:


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