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If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed.
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We've seen all kinds of biographical films that have explained how the biggest of companies came into being, the most notable of which was 2010's The Social Network and the recent addition of Steve Jobs last fall. Now, get ready for the story of how McDonald's, the biggest fast food chain in the world, came to be in every small town across the globe.

New biographical drama The Founder is being directed by John Lee Hancock, most recently of Saving Mr. Banks.

The film is to star Academy-nominated Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc (the founder of the McDonald's Corporation), Linda Cardellini as Joan Smith, Patrick Wilson as Rollie Smith and Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch as the McDonald brothers.

McDonald's was first opened in 1940 by the McDonald brothers, but it wasn't until 1955 that Ray Kroc (who seems to be the film's protagonist) turned McDonald's into a franchise.

Without diving too deeply into any of the major plot points, it was reported that the McDonald brothers and Kroc argued about who had control over the company, along with Kroc also using aggressive business practices. This could make for a very compelling story of three men tussling over what they thought to be rightfully theirs.

There haven't been many images from the actual production of the movie, aside from these two:

This era always looks great!
This era always looks great!

Being a crew trainer at McDonald's and a massive fan of both The Social Network and Steve Jobs, I'm very keen to see this film, aside from the fact that Keaton has been in two Oscar-nominated films two years running now.

The Founder is set to release August 5.


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