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So recently we heard the news that the 4th installment of everyone's favourite Shark disaster mash-up movie will be happening for sure. These films may not have the best special effects, or Hollywood's greatest but somehow we keep coming back for more. Maybe its that we can't take our eyes off the god-awful acting or the shark fight scenes that make us cry with laughter but all I know is WE WANT MORE.

So lets have a look-back at some of our favourite Sharknado moments and hope for many more to come!

  • The Chainsaw!

Its all about the weapon of choice and we all love a bit of chainsaw action. This was the scene of the first Sharknado where we really knew what we had let ourselves in for and the realisation of how absurd this whole experience had been. So absurd that it couldn't possibly happen again...could it? Lets have a look!

  • Space Shark!

So Sharknado 3 managed to yet again go beyond our expectations with this scene of the space shark. Some of us couldn't help wondering what the creators were thinking..on the other hand we like sharks and we like space. Yes. This can stay.

  • The Shark Jockey.

Sharknado 3 brought us this wonderful scene of Ian Zierling riding a great white shark as it rained sharks over New York City. Don't even question it anymore guys. Watch Sharknado and you will understand this wonderful film.

  • Shark train.

Snakes on a plane? Sharks on a train? No ones safe anymore. Might as well give them a bus pass.

So these are a few of our favourite Sharknado moments and we can look forward to much more gruesome cr*p to come. Why not Catch up on all the other sharknado movies before number 4? We can also hope for many more cameos such as Irish pop duo Jedward...and It has already been confirmed that Gary Busey will be starring in the upcoming film. Could be the craziest Sharknado yet so DO NOT MISS IT.


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