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If you take this movie on its own terms, it's an impressive little piece of work.

1. This movie is not a sequel to Cloverfield. The only surface connection between the movies is that they both have the word "Cloverfield" in the title. Sharp observers (or those following the Tagruato Corporation website) will notice that both movies take place in the same universe, but that's all. You can watch this movie without knowing that Cloverfield even exists.

The headless Statue of Liberty is not in this movie
The headless Statue of Liberty is not in this movie

2. This is not a horror movie. It's a thriller with some science fiction elements thrown in. Don't expect this movie to be scary. You will be disappointed.

3. It's about a woman named Michelle who is freaking out about her boyfriend. While driving through rural Louisiana in the night, she gets into a car accident. She wakes up in a bunker with two other men, and is told she can't leave for a couple of years.

4. Most of the stuff you see in the trailer happens in the first half of the film.

5. The movie is told strictly from Michelle's point of view, so you are just as confused as she is. You also become just as suspicious and paranoid as she does.

6. John Goodman does an awesome job in this movie, as a doomsday prepper and conspiracy theorist trying to hold himself together in a situation that he didn't quite imagine.

7. There is some real suspense in this movie, as well as some plot twists that I honestly didn't see coming.

8. Some people will find the movie anti-climactic and not worth the build up (see point 2). But I thought it was well done; it fit the story's idea that everybody can be right, and everybody can be wrong, all at the same time.

9. This is a tightly crafted paranoid thriller. If you can forget about the movie's namesake and just go in blind, it will take you on a worthwhile journey. I'm hoping there will be a third movie that's not a sequel.

Here's the trailer... with fewer spoilers than you might think:

What did you think? A good building block for a new world, or pointless and disappointing? Let us know!


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