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With all the excitement over the new [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer and the upcoming Batman v Superman, some have forgotten that in less than a week, we're going to be treated to Daredevil Season 2!

Besides knowing Elektra, Punisher, and The Hand are going to play prominent roles — we really do not exactly know what the plot is going to be about. From the trailers we can depict that Elektra asks for Matthew's help to fight The Hand. Daredevil and The Punisher will have a rousing discussion of how half-measures are not enough to stop crime in their city.


Everyone has a character, one person you wish the writers would stop picking on and let them have a win for once. For me, that character is Matt Murdock in the comics — we'll see after Season 2, how we feel about his character-arc on television.

Image: Marvel
Image: Marvel

Before I start the list, I remember reading this Mark Waid's Daredevil comic and it was really weird reading about Spider-Man being peeved at Black Cat for not having sex with him. I'm not sure why, but it was disconcerting seeing Parker in that light. I know he's a man with needs, but maybe I just need to grow-up — I don't know, it just didn't sit right with me.

Let's take a look at some Daredevil's most famous comic books and how the writers might use them for inspiration on the show!

5. 'Daredevil: Yellow' - Jeph Loeb


This comic was was written by head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb and drawn by Tim Sale in 2001. These two also did the amazing Batman: The Long Halloween. This was an origin story of sorts, but why it's so important was the interpersonal relationship between Foggy, Matt, and Karen. Karen is credited with coming up with 'The Man Without Fear' and the change of colors for Daredevil's costume. With recent photos from Daredevil — he and Karen are playing pool closely together — you must wonder where their relationship might go. This is not a linear origin story and it makes for some interesting reading from Marvel's vault.

4. 'Daredevil: Born Again' - Frank Miller

Everyone's opinion differs from person-to-person, but most people agree that Frank Miller's Daredevil: Born Again is quintessential reading when it comes to The Man Without Fear. The primary focus of this story is on how Kingpin destroys Matt's life and loved ones. This is an important story because it could offer some background into Karen's life before Matt thought she was innocent because the sound of her heartbeat when she was incarcerated. And when Daredevil saved her that rainy night from a thug.

Image: Marvel comics
Image: Marvel comics

In the comic, The Kingpin wrecks Matt's life with a series of events that would send any non-superhero deep into hiding. After a near-death experience, Matt runs into an unlikely savior in his mother and she helps Matt recover. There's a slew of events that happens afterwards, which includes a couple of visits from Nuke, who appeared recently in Jessica Jones. I am curious, that with Matt being super-religious and with all his visits to the church... will Matt's mother appear like in the comics as a nun?

But I find Karen's role in the comic and on the show very interesting: due to all the ways that she possibly could hurt Matt. In the comics she's an addict and ex-porn star. She also told Fisk about Matt's secret identity and that could make an intriguing betrayal in this upcoming season. I don't know exactly how she will do it, but if you remember her shooting Wesley — there's a lot more that meets the eye with Ms. Page.

3. 'Daredevil: Out' - Brian Micheal Bendis

I absolutely love the work that Brian Michael Bendis consistently puts out year after year. Everyone has their own opinions on their favorite comic writer and after reading Bendis's work on Ultimate Spider-Man (both Peter and Miles), I couldn't wait to read whatever he had written prior in his career. I was happily surprised that he wrote a plethora of comics for Marvel, especially for the phenomenal Alias (Jessica Jones). Bendis also wrote a string of Daredevil comics and some people claim that he was the best writer of The Man Without Fear since Miller.

Alias. Image: Marvel comics
Alias. Image: Marvel comics

There's no way that the story that occurred in the comics will happen this season on the show. Our favorite unlucky hero, Matthew Murdock's, secret identity was ousted by Sammy Silke. This is a trying time for Daredevil — he has to let others do the work that he is meant to do and it's hard to read if you're a fan of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. If you haven't read any of Bendis's work, I suggest you check out! His Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is easily my favorite comic series of all-time.

Also Check Out Daredevil: 'Ninja' - Brian Michael Bendis

Image: Marvel comics
Image: Marvel comics

After the release of the new trailer, one can suspect that they could be drawing inspiration from this comic, due to Daredevil fighting The Hand, and The Chaste is also involved. Their's an important child within the storyline and I am not sure how much inspiration they drawn from this comic, but it's something to look into.

2. 'The Choice (Punisher)' - Garth Ennis

We've all seen the Entertainment Weekly photos and one stood out in particular. When Frank Castle ties Daredevil up and gives him an impossible choice to make: The Punisher hands Matt a gun to stop him from killing his target. He has a choice to kill The Punisher, or let Frank kill his intended mark. He only has enough room for a head-shot on Frank and it makes the situation very intense.

Both of these heroes have suffered immense loss throughout their arcs. This action by the Punisher displays the dichotomy between the two characters in the way they pursuit criminals. We all saw the trailer, when Frank says the awesome fist-pumping-in-the-air ' You hit em and they get back up. I hit them and they stay down.'

I'm sad to say, I am not familiar with Ennis's work, besides this piece of art. But this is something you should check out, even when the season is over with!

1. 'The Elektra Saga' - Frank Miller

Did you think I forgot about her? I think we are spoiled with having Elektra and The Punisher in the upcoming season! Elodie Yung is a black belt in karate and threatened to beat up the casting agents when she auditioned (obviously she didn't have to because they gave her the role). The early reviews that appeared sometime last week say that she plays a totally badass a sociopath (I'm paraphrasing)!

Elektra was Kingpin's best assassin and was sent to kill Foggy. I would love to see this play out in the show, and this finally serves as the introduction to Elektra in Marvel's Netflix Universe; even though she couldn't in the comics because of her love for Matthew. And no, I have no clue how this will play out, but I think it would be awesome to see!

I'm so glad that we can finally rinse our mouths of 2003's Elektra and see what she's truly capable of. In one of the most famous plots in comic history; Bullseye assassinates her when she turned against Wilson Fisk. Now, Marvel better not do this to us because I really would like to see her in The Defenders. Also, this show should stay away from any comparisons with the theatrical version.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article about 8 things we want to see in the upcoming season of Daredevil. I posted that I would love to see her kill Karen Page. I think this is a possibility, but if it doesn't happen I'm okay with it! I am brimming with excitement thinking of her and Matt taking on The Hand!


I tried to write only things that should matter in the upcoming season and not give away too much of the comics. I am so thankful that this is coming out on March 18th and not a week later. I feel spoiled thinking in two consecutive weeks I'll be treated to these awesome comic book properties.

Matt Murdock's life in the comics is full of horrible events that the writers seem keen on putting him through time after time. His first season wasn't a picnic, but he did have a victory over Fisk without any calamities. This season should be full of awesome surprises and over-the-top action that makes us all love this show! I am curious about how excited are you for Daredevil compared to Batman v Superman. (I am a tad more excited for Batman v Superman — just a tad, because of how awesome Season 1 was!)

'Daredevil' Season 2 premieres on Netflix this Friday! Are you excited?


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