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With the three-month-long break making all Agents of SHIELD fans anxious, we came in itching for excitement and intrigue. And this episode bringing us back for the next half of season 3 didn't disappoint. A lot has happened already, and they're kicking into gear to progress the story and the characters even further.

Where we came from....

So, let's break down a little bit of what happened the first season. Simmons got stuck on an alien planet in an unknown destination, and Fitz worked like crazy to bring her back. While being there, she fell in love with a man named Will who had been sent there as part of an exploration initiative that was under the control of Hydra. He was the only survivor, and the rest had died because of some mysterious entity. Fitz, with the help of Daisy, was able to open a portal to that planet and Jemma made it back through.

Daisy was able to convince her friend Lincoln from season two to join Shield, but only after he had been hunted by the ATCU for presumably killing people. He had tried to live a normal life, but he was discovered and was forced to run, and Shield brought him on as an initiative to build an Inhumans team. They'd also recruited another Inhuman named Joey who could affect metal. Daisy and Lincoln were starting to grow closer but hadn't decided whether to become involved yet.

Bobbi struggled to get over her injury and had to push herself in rehab and to regain the courage to continue fighting. She and Hunter became involved again, but he was angry and wanted revenge on Ward and attempted to infiltrate the new Hydra in order to track him down. May ran off with her ex-husband Dr. Garner, but he ended up becoming an Inhuman that killed other Inhumans because he believed they should be exterminated. He killed dozens of Inhumans when he was free, then even more when Jemma set him free after she was captured by Hydra so she could escape.

Coulson fell for the leader of the ATCU, an organization that was dedicated to finding all Inhumans and putting them in a form of cryo-sleep so they could find a way to make them human again. She was killed by Ward, who was fighting against a new player named Gideon Malick that was a high-ranking member of the original Hydra. He still kept control but let Ward become a key player in the organization.

In the final few episodes, we learned that Malick was using the ATCU to gather Inhumans to be an army for the mysterious entity that was on the planet where Jemma was trapped before. It was an Inhuman according to legend, born hundreds of years earlier that destroyed the planet it was on after being sent there and desired to return and take over our world. Ward took Fitz with him after opening the portal to find the Inhuman and make it through. They found Will, which was Fitz's main purpose to return so that Jemma could be happy.

Coulson also made it through the portal and tracked them down so he could kill Ward out of revenge. He succeeded, but they didn't realize that Will had been killed by the Inhuman and it had taken over his body. They ended up destroying Will's body and both Fitz and Coulson escaped after they took out Ward. But unbeknownst to them, the Inhuman took control of Ward's dead body and made it through the portal where Malick stumbled upon him.

Where are the characters now?

Daisy, Joey, Mack, Hunter and Bobbi are back together as a team to find other Inhumans with Lincoln back at base due to the APB that had been out on him. May and Coulson are both struggling to get over the loss of their loved ones, but they are still good friends and are supporting each other. Malick is harboring the Inhuman (which I'll still refer to as Ward for clarity's sake) and is trying to collect more Inhumans to build an army. Fitz and Simmons have a division between them and act courteous to each other but don't interact outside of an official capacity.

So what's new?

First off, all of our Inhuman friends are back with their powers, including Daisy, Lincoln, Joey and our old friend the telekinetic Mr. Giyera. We also got to meet two more of our friends. One is a mysterious man named Lucio who has the ability to cause paralyzation by simply making eye-contact with someone. Creepy, but extremely effective.

Elena the Inhuman
Elena the Inhuman

The next is a woman named Elena who has an ability similar to a speedster. She can move incredibly fast, but there is an addendum. She can only go as far as she can in one heartbeat, and she must return to her original position. This leaves lots of room for her though! We saw her several times retrieve people's guns or steal things without being seen or even hurt.

Ward's character is also extremely mysterious. He hadn't even spoken to anyone until this episode and all he wanted was food. The telekinetic was essentially serving and guarding him, and Ward keeps mentioning how people don't believe in him but soon will. He did hold his hand out and have it partially disintegrate as the flecks drifted toward Giyera, but the scene cut off before we found out what was happening.

Where are they going?

There is lots of potential for the rest of this season. We saw at the beginning of the episode that three months in the future at least one Shield member will be on a ship in space that explodes, though we have no idea who. Ward is getting weak but steadily getting stronger, and Malick plans to amass Inhumans that he can lead to take over the world.

Daisy and Lincoln are now a power-couple, and the Inhuman team for Shield is coming together. Though they are a team, they're spread out as they left Elena in Bogota with tech to get in contact with them if needed. Joey returned to his family, but Daisy and Lincoln are staying on-base so far.

Also, Fitz-Simmons is back together! Though they're not together-together, they've decided to start over and become friends again. And the ATCU is still in effect, which will soon be lead by our dear friend General Talbot with which Coulson will have to interact with. Shield is endorsed by the president but not publicly, still remaining as a black-ops team behind the scenes with ATCU is the face of the Inhuman task-force.

Garner is still missing, but more Inhumans are popping up every day. It seems as though chaos is ensuing on our world, but Shield won't let it continue. They've already started the hunt for Malick and aim to take him down. The whole team is moving forward with their lives, but they have no idea what's coming next...


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