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Update 3/15: The parlor is now closed.

They may be the "worst heroes ever," but they sure can give you a kick-ass tattoo. As of just yesterday, the 23rd annual South by Southwest film festival is in full swing in Austin, Texas. For the next few days, the festival will bring eager consumers sneak peeks at the latest in technology, websites, video games and, of course, movies. Every year Hollywood uses the convention to hype its biggest upcoming movies, and this year is certainly no different for DC. With [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) just weeks away from its nationwide release, Suicide Squad is set to make its vibrantly colored mark on SXSW.

The Suicide Squad cast recently released tattoo-themed movie posters on their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts. The film's main account tweeted:

Many questioned whether the tattoos being handed out would be real or temporary. However, the marketing department has appropriately big plans for this Texas festival. There will be not only temporary Suicide Squad tattoos handed out, but permanent ones as well.

To promote Suicide Squad, the film's marketing department has taken over Austin's Affinity Tattoo And Piercing parlor and gave it a major makeover. As of right now, it is known as Harley Quinn's Tattoo Parlor. You're reading that right: an actual tattoo parlor named after Harley Quinn herself.

Inside the parlor, fans will be treated to plenty of goodies. There will be free temporary tattoos, free permanent tattoos, and even free Suicide Squad-themed lollipops handed out by Warner Brothers representatives. Free tattoos and free candy? It's good to be bad.

The parlor is located at 513 E 6th St. in Austin TX. As if the parlor weren't awesome enough, it's also located right next door to a restaurant called Hoek's Death Metal Pizza. Therefore, you're pretty much guaranteed the most badass night out ever.

It is open until midnight every day from March 11 to March 14. It will only be open for two more days, so if you want to stop by there, we highly recommend that you find some way to get to Austin. If you live in Austin, don't take this golden opportunity for granted!

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