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Ok, after the civil war trailer dropped, I'm sure that I'm not the only one who freaked out at our first look at our new wall crawling superhero, Spiderman as portrayed by Tom Holland. Although, there are a few things that definitely set him to be by FAAAAR better than Maguire or Garfield.

Ok, we'll start with what was wrong with our FIRST silver screen Spiderman. While yes, he was the first and original, it still just didn't have all that Spiderman of a feel. Like classic Parker days. Maguire was really whiney, and seemed too old for the role for me personally. Peter Parker didn't originally even become Spiderman until his sophomore year, and Peter was way older than that in the first movie. On top of being too old, his suit just.... Wasn't it.

While the overall concept was good, it just wasn't quite accurate. The eyes were off, same as the spider on both the front and back of his torso with being too big and just not accurate again. While he played a decent Spiderman, he just wasn't exactly it

Now onto our second rendition of Spiderman. Ok well let's start with the fact that, rather being nerdy, he was straight hipster. He was physically active, likable, etc etc. while yes this was good for originality, it all goes back to the accuracy thing. Although I give major points to Garfield, as I liked Gweny Stacy SOOOOO much more than Mary Jane in the movies. And on top of that, Garfield wasn't a crybaby with tons of ridiculous faces everywhere. And his suit... Ok again, points for originality and all, but again, neither of his two suits looked anything like the original comic book style Spiderman. Not even the new Ultimate Spiderman comics. Spider was much too big, eyes were too big, not shaped right, and had yellow lenses if you recall from the first. Although two things that did stay COMPLETELY true to the comics would be his mechanical web shooters, and Gwen Stacys death. Other than that, I mean.... Worth the shot.... I guess

Ok, now it's time to look at our newest rendition of Spiderman, who even though we only saw for a few seconds is already my favorite by a long shot. Tom Hollands brand new civil war edition Spiderman

Ok now from just this shot alone, you can tell how much more accurate this suit is to the comics. I mean the sizing if the spider is finally on point, and they FINALLY GOT THE EYES RIGHT, and in case you couldn't tell they even had web shooters built to look like the original ones from the comics. On top of that from the slight shot we could see if his back, the spider on the back of his torso looks accurate too. Holland is at the perfect age to be playing a Spiderman who is accurately aged and even had the perfect Spiderman voice now look at the image above and compare it to the original comics, and tell me that isn't accurate. There's just one thing. You can't.

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