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DC comics are famous for their dark, broody and sometimes borderline horror stories. Therefore, it's only natural that these stories contain some of the most creepy characters in all of comics. Some of them bring you nightmares, while others don't let you sleep at night at home, but all of them are some of the best (or worst) DC creations.

Viewer discretion is advised, some of the content is too dark for young sidekicks.

5. The Creeper

A character with an odd and unique design, the Creeper was always considered a poor man's Joker. While his looks don't seem terrifying from this picture, his storylines are dark and his personality a little too messed up for a vigilante. An anchorman for a news show by day, Jack Ryder was injected with a newly discovered serum called "nanocells" said to be able to heal practically everything. These "nanocells" fused with his chemistry creating the Creeper; an unstable psychotic vigilante with a bad case of schizophrenia. While officially a hero, his methods are questionable and his attitude and mentality are creepy at best.

4. Dollmaker

We really went from 0 to 100 here didn't we?

On our fourth spot is the villain, Dollmaker, one of the creepiest Batman villains ever. His trade, like every other Batman villain, is being a serial killer, but this one got a twist. Not only does he kill people for fun, but also for art. He is known to make dolls out of the corpses of his victims, in a Frankenstein way. Either by animating full bodies or sewing different body parts to one another, he does it all.

Yet that is not the creepiest thing about him. The creepiest thing about this character is his face. His face is not his own. Instead, it is a combination of parts of his own face with parts of his late father (who was a serial killer himself and a role model for Dollmaker) sewn together to form this outstanding beauty. He was also the guy who taught the Joker how to cut faces.

3. Ragdoll

Ragdoll, as nearly everyone on this list, is a Batman villain mostly known for being very flexible and dressing up as a doll. The Ragdoll name is actually a legacy having gone through three different people, with one thing consistent in all three, being as creepy as creepy can get. Besides possessing inhuman flexibility, all Ragdolls dressed in red-haired little children dolls and dolls are creepy all by themselves. Their slim build and pale faced masks strikingly resembling horror staples like the Slenderman solidified their creepy status, and their line of work (being thieves, serial killers and probably rapists) make them some of the most creepy villains in the DC universe.

2. Inner Child

This is one of the entries that if I'd have to find another photo of this, it would be taken down for being too graphic. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combine the looks of the Joker, the Ventriloquist's dummy, and a rapist? Then don't look any further than this thing. It befriended Dorothy, an ugly girl, in a haunted house used as the headquarters of the Doom Patrol. Seems innocent right? Well, this Doll is in actual cahoots with two fat naked ghosts with fire and flowers for heads respectively, who actively try to rape the little girl. Not only does this thing suggest that the ghosts want to "play", he actually insists on staying there and watching the little girl being raped! If that's not creepy, I don't know what is.

1. The Joker

When i started writing this article I really wanted to avoid including the Joker in the list. Why? Because it is the most cliche thing possible these days. Yet I just couldn't avoid it, this guy has done everything creepy in the history of comics. Starting from his appearance, that would give the least courlophobic person a run for his money, to his individual body count, this character was created for the sole purpose of being creepy. He skinned a guy, cut off his face, sewn a dozen different people to create a painting board, raped a girl and then showed the rape to her father (implied not confirmed) and even left dozens of babies for dead. The Joker is even by this list's standards the creepiest and most terrifying character of all.


Who do you think is the creepiest of these characters?


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