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Rolie Hernandez

Apparently, according to the latest issue of CoroCoro, details of the next generation of Pokémon are coming pretty soon. As soon as next month, even!

According to Serebii, the March issue featured a brief mention of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and teased what information readers should expect from future issues of the magazine.

The magazine also had the logos for the next games on display, and stated that the April issue (released April 15) reveals details for the next upcoming generation of Pokémon.

Sun and Moon are expected to be released during the holiday season of 2016, but with these upcoming reveals we should expect a solid release date pretty soon. Only three years ago, with X and Y, we received news on the starter Pokémon of the new generation, this year can we be promised the same?

Then later we received the concept of mega evolutions, the Kanto starters and then mega Mewtwo X and Y! After this, I definitely expect to receive the same amount of valuable information from these next upcoming issues of CoroCoro.


Are you excited for 'Moon' and 'Sun'?


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