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Rolie Hernandez

Pokemon GO is the next mobile game that will change the way you think of gaming on your phone. It is expected to release this year and just recently field testing has been approved in Japan.

For those unaware, Pokémon Go is the next upcoming Pokémon title coming to your iPhone and Android device. The concept is to put Pokémon into the real world, where you can capture, battle and trade your favorite Pokémon right in the palm of your hand. Depending on your location, you could encounter specific Pokémon while on your travels.

Currently, the field testing is exclusive to Japan but don't give up hope, it has been said that field testing in other markets is a possibility, which is good news for worldwide Pokémon fans!

Android and iOS devices have been confirmed for version 4.3 and higher for Android, and for iOS the game is for iPhone 5 or newer models. While the devices are mentioned, the entry form also mentions that there is “no guarantee” the game will run on the device.


Don't you wish you were a beta tester?


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