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With Mass Effect Andromeda approaching, I decided to give a couple reasons why you should start playing, or even re-play the Mass Effect Series.

1.) Real Choices with Real Consequences

Throughout the series, you are faced with decisions that ultimately will change the fate of the game. From minor choices such as choosing to not kill someone, to life changing ones, such as the one pictured above. Don't be fooled, these choices not only effect the game, but the characters as well! Depending on a situation, you can end up losing a team mate, so be careful!

2.) Characters

Every game is filled with a colorful cast that you will either love deeply, or passionately hate. From Garrus's witty remarks, to Miranda's passive aggressive comments, you'll decide who your favorite companions are and aren't. Knowing your team is a crucial part to saving the galaxy, it can literally decide who lives or dies.

3.) Romance

Fem Shepard mid-Romance with Thane
Fem Shepard mid-Romance with Thane

A key aspect to the series, are the characters, and when it comes to the characters, you make bonds that can last a lifetime, some of these bonds being romantic. There is a large list of characters to romance in the Mass Effect Series many following a unique set up. From a dying lover, to one who has no real home, you'll be romancing plenty of aliens (if you're not into that don't worry there are plenty of humans as well!).

4.) The Story

The main "meat" of the game is the story, of course following the cliche of saving the galaxy, each game finds a way to depict it in a completely unique and re-playable way. There are countless possibilities to your play through. You can choose to be the diplomatic and charming Shepard, or the complete bad-ass and prude Hero, it all depends on how you want to play the game.

5.) There's More Coming

Although the game is a trilogy, it doesn't end there! The next upcoming game in the series will be a spin-off, but of course, the actions you faced in the previous games will carry on. Andromeda isn't expected to release till 2017, so reader you have plenty of time to catch up on join the fight!


Will you be playing the series anytime soon?


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