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This year, we learned that it IS possible for a person who for a long time deserves an oscar, to acctually win one. So here is my list, of people that i love, and that I think deserve an oscar. Some of them I don't LOVE but, we don't need to like someone to know that they have talent.

Dwayne Johnson

Calm down. Calm down. If you don't like him it's okay, but he has proven more than once to be great, wether it is in a comedy or in a drama. I mean, haven't you seen Gridiron Gang?

Hugh Jackman

I have to say this. . . I am a really big fan of superheroes both DC, Marvel and some others from smaller companies, but Hugh Jackman has never convinced me as wolverine. Maybe in the first film, but the others i don't like him as the character, but otherwise I think he is a pretty great actor, you just need to watch Prisoners to be convinced.

Tom Cruise

Just how is he still oscar-less??

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp . . . How many more movies till an oscar?? Come on!!

Sylvester Stallone

I almost cried when I hear them announcing Mark Rylance instead of Sylvester. He freaking deserves it!!

Helena Bonham Carter

She's so good that she should have earned one even for her role in Harry Potter. She is AMAZING in every role she plays and the academy owns her an Oscar.

Eddie Murphy

He is one of the, if not THE best comedian of the 80s and 90s, and he surely deserves one. Just a shame he is not seen around much these days.

Amy Adams

Good actress. . . but why Lois Lane??

Sir.Ian Mckellen

This list would not be taken serious if our beloved Gandalf wasn't here.

Brad Pitt

When somebody says to me: Brad Pitt never won an oscar.

I say: In my head he has.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Not even the best Catwoman ever, managed to get this award.

Gary Oldman

WHERE IS THIS MAN'S OSCAR?????????????????

And only nominated once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harrison Ford

Now i know your joking . . . ****ing academy . . .

Donald Sutherland

Luckily we have Jennifer Lawrence to contol his Oscar hunger.

Jim Carrey

Yes, i think he deserves one, if he ever does a movie like the ones he did in the old days.

Liam Neeson

Somebody has to give him an Oscar or he will give up and let himself be Taken. . . I say no to that!

Jhon Travolta

No matter how many problems he causes or is involved in . . . he deserved to win those two times he was nominated.

Joaquin Phoenix

He has as mutch of a bad temper as he has talent for acting. He should have been Doctor Strange

Ralph Fiennes

Until I made this post I thought that Voldemort had won like 10 million Oscars. . . as it appears. . . not even one.

Robert Downey Jr.

Samuel L. Jackson

Obviously he deserves it.

Will Smith

I am Legend and so many others count for nothing, acording to the oscars. . . Pursuit of happyness?? Nothing?? 7 pounds?? Nothing??

Sigourney Weaver

Alien? Avatar?? Come one!!

Alan Rickman

He shall never win one now . . . Still don't believe it . . . never will.

Tom Hardy

He should hae won one for his role in the movie Warrior. He would be the perfect wolverine as he was the perfect Bane. As should have Nick Nolte.


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