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Legends of tomorrow has been renewed for a second season.

And despite its first season success, this announce has left viewers with many questions. Questions such as "will Vandal Savage be the primary villain?" Or "What will the premise be?" And many more...

Let's start with one question at a time

Vandal Savage

As you most probably know, Vandal Savage is an immortal tyrant who has been alive for thousands of years. Since he's conveniently spotted in many different times over the course of history, he has presented the team with many opportunities to kill him while giving the audience a nice tour of historical events. Our question is "Will he be around for season 2?" My current answer to this question (which might change as the season progresses) is no. Like "The Flash" and "Arrow" it makes sense to keep your smaller villains around (the time masters, Kronos .etc) and get rid of the main villian. So it makes sense to get rid of savage at the end of this season and to work on developing another major villian (who is much more evil than savage and raises the stakes a tenfold) for season 2. Luckily, this leads directly into the second question.

If savage has been destroyed, then why will the team stay together?

If I'm right about Vandal Savage being defeated at the end of the season, then what I'm about to say makes a decent amount of sense. After the legends triumph over savage (in a huge all out battle) at the end of season 1, they go back to 2016 to see that everything has changed and 2016 central city is either in ashes or a baron wasteland. They soon find out that when they defeated Savage, the temporal backlash (as fore mentioned in "Arrow and "The Flash") has replaced Savage with a villian hell bent on destroying time and space itself. The legends pick up a couple of new recruits (possibly Connor Hawke or Roy as Arsenal) and they go fight to defend time and space itself in a new adventure. These are my thoughts on season 2. I have one potential plot for a later season that actually fits with the current theme of the show.

Possible season 3,4, or 5 storyline

Does anyone remember when Arrow, Flash, and the others took down Vandal Savage in 2015?? Anyone remember what happened??

Savage Can Be Resurrected!!!!!!!!

We all saw when Malcolm Merlyn resurrected Savage at the end of the two episode special. At the end of season 2,3, or 4 we see some random guy with a jar of ashes reciting the incantation. It makes sense to bring back the fan favorite and it's also so easy for them to do.

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