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When Sailor Moon Crystal debuted in the summer of 2014 many fans - including me - were incredibly excited to see the reboot and re-live the moments that made us fall in love with the universe created by Naoko Takeuchi. Sadly by the end of the first season there was some level of discomfort among show followers. Some of the reasons where the lack of quality in the animation, the lack of character development and the fact that the bi-weekly release with some episodes having a three-week break caused a lot of desperation and anxiety. Overall I am still a follower, so count me in for season three.

The trailer for season 3 premiered just a few days ago, and with it we finally got confirmation of the release of the third arc of Sailor Moon Crystal next April 4th. The series will be streamed via different channels such as Tokyo MX1, Sun TV, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, TV Hokkaido and more. You can watch the trailer and continue reading for my comments on the positive things to expect from season three!

Season three of Sailor Moon Crystal will take us through the Infinity Arc, as it's known in the manga. The series has followed its manga counterpart very closely, which is one of the causes for discomfort among fans of the show. However in season three there will be some very good episodes that will help us discover more about the new "senshi" that are joining the fight against evil. I can only expect that these episodes will look as good as the trailer does. Here are some of the other changes coming to Sailor Moon Crystal - Infinity Arc.

1. Improved Animation

Due to the lack of quality in some episodes over the course of the past two seasons a new production house was brought in to complete the animation of our Sailor Scouts. Art Director Akira Takahashi will be providing these changes to the animation that will hopefully provide us with less moments like this:

2. New Opening Song

One of the biggest successes (at least for me) of the reboot of Sailor Moon Crystal is the wonderful opening song "Moon Pride" sang by Momoiro Clover Z. Even though we don't know what will happen or if the opening songs will be rotated, there will be a new opening song for the third season. The new song will be "New Moon ni Aishite" sand by Etsuko Yakushimaru.

3. New Sailor Senshi

The third arc of the manga introduces three new Sailor Senshi: Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn. These three Sailor Scouts are a very important part of the stories to come, but they also differ greatly from their manga and '90s anime counterparts. I won't dive too deep into the anime and manga differences in this post, but I will discuss it greatly in the future. In the meantime enjoy this concept art from the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal!

These are the three major changes I can list before the premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal season 3. If you are a fan of the saga then you already know the overall plot of this season. I won't spoil much for those who are newbies to the Sailor Moon world, but I can tell you that I'm looking forward the see this season.

Are you excited for the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal? I know I am! Let me know what you think and sound off int he comments!


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