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Rolie Hernandez

The Mass Effect Series has won the hearts of many, but will it's newest title be able to capture more? Here are a couple things I want from this next upcoming title.

1.) The Return

As cliche as it may be, I would love to have some old squad-members back on my team. Like in ME3 the return of notable characters like Kasumi and Jacob end up joining back but just as an asset to help you defeat the reapers, I want someone I can trust back out on the field with me. For example, getting someone like James Vega to support your new character in Andromeda would be something I would be looking forward to.

2.) Soundtrack

What I love most about BioWare games is that they know how to compose an outstanding soundtrack. I wouldn't expect anything less for this upcoming title, I want to feel the rush of combat coming from an organ and the compassion of romance coming form a violin.

3.) More Customization

Not just for armor, but maybe even for your ship and companions. Imagine having a small team wearing nothing but red and calling yourselves "the dashing devils" or just feeling like your ship needs a remodel and have the ability to change the entire design and color scheme of your cruiser.

4.) Larger World

What I would love to see in MEA would be a much more open world environment, but not something that takes away from the story. Like I don't want to explore an entire planet, but maybe just having the option to jump down and drive a doom buggy across the barren waste land and stumbling upon a minor quest of some sort.

5.) An Incredible Story

Like any other Mass Effect game, I want a storyline that will make me question what I'm doing. How will this effect my team mates? Will this effect me morally? Can I somehow fix this mess if I mess up? All these questions are situations I want to face in Andromeda.


Who's your favorite ME companion?


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