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Everyone has a favorite kind of movie to watch. Animated, comedy, drama, rom-drams, action, you name it, it exists. The one genre that has a huge following from both those hesitant to watch and those who love the entries is horror. Some people go just for the thrill of being scared, while others go to see the kinds of scares it utilizes (jump, atmospheric, etc.). But there are still many people who are just too scared to watch these kinds of movies.

There's nothing wrong with it; some people just can't handle a scary face or something popping up out of nowhere. But the horror genre is one that everyone should enjoy to some degree. Personally, it's my favorite genre of movie to watch, and when I can't watch it with a scared friend it's disappointing.

So, for those who just can't hang with the strongest of us, this is a list for you to dip your feet into and you'll hopefully build up a tolerance.

**This list will go in order from least terrifying to most, for novices**

'The Final Girls' (2015)

The slasher genre is one of the most long-lasting subgenres of horror movies, slowly making a comeback in recent times. One of the best kinds of movies to watch in every genre is one with major meta characteristics, being very self-aware of what it is, such as Last Action Hero, They Came Together, and The Final Girls. This is a great movie for those wanting to build their strength, as it is more of a parody of the genre than an actual exercise in horror. And with loads of smart jokes and incredible visual effects, it's sure to intrigue those looking to go further into the genre.

'Thir13en Ghosts' (2001)

If you know anything about Dark Castle Entertainment, you know that they love to put a modern spin on classic horror films, and Thir13en Ghosts is probably one of its better examples. It has some creepy imagery, some of which might be rough for beginner viewers, but it's still cheesy enough to keep heart rates from stopping due to fear. Plus, Matthew Lillard being scared out of his mind in a more realistic sense is a lot of fun to watch.

'Poltergeist' (1982 or 2015)

Whether you want to try the classic horror film or its faithful remake, Poltergeist is a great horror movie to test your strength (especially the original). The first film was a great blend of family adventure and straight up horror, making it a horror movie that would still give kids nightmares, but not so bad that they'll be traumatized for life. The remake does pander more to a modern audience that loves jump scares, but it still is tame enough for novice viewers to watch and not be too terrified. It has some creepy visuals and is a great beginners film.

'Ouija' (2014)

Now, Ouija is not a great movie in any sense of the word, but one of its perks is that its scares are effective: the jump scares, the overall creepy atmosphere, the paranoia that comes with knowing what a ouija board could potentially do. And for those with faint-of-heart syndrome, the jump scares are pretty strong and further the progress of strength building.

'1408' (2007)

This Stephen King adaptation was one of my earliest journeys into the horror genre and it was a great start to my genre-experience. John Cusack delivered a great performance, the story was a mind-bending thriller, and the scares were pretty great — both the jumps and the overall atmosphere. After all, hotel rooms can already be kind of sketchy, but a haunted hotel room? That's the ultimate nightmare, and 1408 is a great way for beginners to feel scared while still enjoying the ride.

What was your first horror movie experience? What's your favorite scary movie?


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