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What fresh hell is this?

Scream Queens hit hard with arguably one of the most entertaining, and hilarious pilot's of recent memory. Everything from a texting plea for help, to the accidental death of the fat maid, the show promised to be something unique.

After what some considered a lackluster ratings count, Scream Queens rose to be one of the highest rated shows for FOX. (Second only to Empire) A feat that any show would be glad to achieve.

The show itself had its ups and downs. Many were hoping to see some major characters bite the dust, but after seeing nearly EVERY main character make it to the finale, we knew exactly where this show was going. There were too many characters with show stealing scenes to simply have them axed, frozen, or secretly be betrayed for the shows own good!

After the shocking conclusion, or predictable ending depending on who you ask, we were left with two major questions:

1: Who is going to return?

2: Where should the show go from here?

At tonight's announcement event, we finally received some pivotal information, and the line-up for season two has us just as excited for season 2 as we were when the show ended last season.

In season 2 the girls are now in medical school all but confirming rumors of an insane asylum/medical institution.

The returning cast is as follows:

Keke Palmer: (Zayday Williams)

Zayday brought us a soulful comedic relief as the unwavering voice of reason. It has been revealed Zayday will be training directly under the Dean in season 2!

Billie Lorde (Chanel #3)

The earmuffs are back! Chanel #3 will be returning! Adding a dry sarcastic humor to every scene this is a welcoming return!

Lea Michelle (The Red Devil)

Hester quickly became a fan favorite as her morbid fascinations and devilish charm pushed her from awkward pledge to psycho killer! Let's try and keep our shoes on our feet this time!

Niecy Nash (Denise Hemphill)

Now an active member of the FBI, Denise should have plenty of conspiracy theories to fill the new season.

Abigail Breslin (Chanel #5)

The butt of almost every joke, Chanel #5 became someone to laugh at. Between her vagina teeth and inability to get her point across without whining, maybe Chanel #5 will bite the dust!

Glen Powell (Chad Radwell)

Chad's playboy antics and "can do anyone" attitude added a sense of much needed sleeve to its male characters as almost all the rest were throw away characters!

Emma Roberts (Chanel)

That's right! The girl you love to hate will make her triumphant return and hopefully exact sweet revenge for her "unjust" sentencing at the end of season 1.

Jamie Lee Curtis (Dean Munsch)

As the true and most iconic scream queen OF ALL TIME, the news that the dean would return is the icing on the cake! Fingers crossed for more kickass fight scenes!

But wait! There's More!

Along with the plethora of casting announcements, season two was briefly compared to Halloween 2 in that it takes place in medical school. It was also said that there will be more horror and pop culture references tan before! Perhaps the most interesting news was that three new characters will be added, essentially replacing the three left behind? We'll have more Scream Queens news at it comes in.


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