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Every avid movie or TV watcher has had their own dream cast for a movie that's coming out or maybe just a particular role they want to see one of their favorites play. Sometimes, what we hope for in this case actually works out but a lot of the time, it doesn't happen. Nothing is more disappointing and anti-climatic then that too.

In other cases we have movies and TV shows we watch with actors playing the roles of these characters who we love already. At the same time we may imagine if someone else was playing the role and it can be really exciting to imagine that. So here I have a few random picks for my fan casting list.

1. Eric Bana as Rick Grimes

No one should ever dare replace Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. However, if it was inevitable or if we go back and Andrew Lincoln was never chosen, I think that Eric Bana could have been/could be an excellent choice.

I believe he has the talent and ability to pull off this role, and not just pull it off but excel in it. He has played many different roles and been acting for quite some time now. With lead roles and really challenging, brooding, or dark characters as with Black Hawk Down, Hanna, and Deliver Us from Evil. He can also grow a really nice beard as well.

2. Steven R. McQueen as Nightwing

Ever since he tweeted a picture of himself working out with a t-shirt that had Nightwing's symbol saying "Nightwing Training", many different fans on the web have been eager and hoping to see him as Nightwing either on TV or on film.

He is mostly known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries. He left the series in its 6th season to pursue different roles and further his acting career. Most recently he has been playing the role of Jimmy Borelli on Chicago Fire, a character I personally already love. I know that his acting ability would be questioned but his physical capabilities has no need to be questioned, if you've ever seen him in The Vampire Diaries and the work he puts into maintaining his physique. I think that he should be given the chance because he is actually a very talented young actor, he just needs the shot.

3. Luke Evans as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Luke Evans is tall, dark, and handsome. He is a very talented actor, capable of leading a movie which he's proven recently in Dracula Untold and he can really be an intriguing character you want to see more of or will immediately like as in the last two Hobbit movies and Immortals.

Picking the right actor for the role of Batman has been such a big and crucial issue for fans and for DC for a while, until finally Ben Affleck was picked to play the role. This decision received a lot of criticism from fans, like A LOT. Yet it is final and we all are just waiting to see if the disappointment with this casting will be turned to complete relief and happiness instead.

The thing to picking the right actor for Batman is he has to be able to pull of being both Batman accurately and Bruce Wayne. I see Luke Evans being able to pull that off because he is physically capable of all that being Batman requires (plus he has the great jawline for the mask) and he can be very professional, suave, brooding, and even charming all at the same time. I was routing for him for a long time, long before the official casting was final.

4. Michael Fassbender as The Joker

Fassbender is a excellent actor and he has gone to some serious lengths for roles. He has been on almost every end of the spectrum as far as movie genres goes. He's been in indie comedies like Frank, comic-book related movies like in the recent X-Men films, and he's been the evil guy as with 12 Years A Slave. There are no lengths he will not go to, so it seems.

I can see Fassbender killing this role. He already has the wicked smile, acting ability, and based on roles he's already played it's clear he can be really evil, psychological scarring/scarred, grimy, and manipulativley charming. I think he would play The Joker in a way we've never seen before and I would pay so much money to see this happen.

5. Dylan O'Brien as Sam Witwicky

Transformers is the movie that really caused Shia LaBeouf to rise to fame. He did great in this role and it was hard to hate this character because of how Shia portrayed him. This character was young, caring, awkward, and humorous who was slightly a spazz with a little bit of an anger problem. Dylan O'brien would have been a perfect choice for this role just as much as Shia.

Dylan is hilarious, animated, awkward, and he can run and move. He is a very talented actor and he already is getting recognized for his talent. He has such a youthful and refreshing energy he puts in his characters, that makes you love them.

Of course, Dylan was very young at the release of these films and it is too late now, but seeing him in Teen Wolf as Stiles for so long, and as Thomas in The Maze Runner showed me how awesome he would have been in these movies.

6. Kat Graham as young Storm / Ororo Munroe

Kat is a really talented actress. Most of her acting career has been on The Vampire Diaries, and she without a doubt is one the best characters and actors on the series. She is really raw and honest when expressing emotion and putting her all into a character. She plays as a loyal friend and witch so to play a role that involves having power and protecting friends is something Storm is the same in.

As well, she is a dancer and singer which could play well to the part of playing as Storm, in the case of fight scenes and adding in real expression & drama in that role. She also has a very diverse sense of style that somehow really works for her, which would be a benefit in playing Storm as she has a very unique look and costume. She looks really good still with extremely light colored hair too.

7. Pheobe Tonkin as Isabella Swan

Now, I actually am a fan of the movies, even though I know it gets a lot of hate. I read all the books and have seen every movie multiple times. The movies received a lot of criticism for many reasons. I will not go into that anymore, then saying even though I liked Kristen Stewart, I still see how Bella could have been portrayed differently, yes maybe even better.

I think that if Phoebe could have played the role of Bella, she would have added a little more depth to Bella and portrayed her in a more likable and accurate manner, yet still remain true to the books.

Phoebe plays as a hybrid (half werewolf half vampire) on The Originals, and her character is also familiar with forbidden love or a love triangle as well. That is something that basically defines Bella, so that would have been no big deal. As an actress in general she is gifted.


Which fan casting on this list do you agree with the most?

If you have your own list and choices let me know in the comments below!


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