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Having just watched the intense season 2 finale of ABC's American Crime, I pondered the true ethics and behavior of humankind that the final episode had shown. All the questions about the society around the characters were answered, yet I was left thinking, "how far are people willing to go to justify 'morally unjustifiable' actions?", and "when do people truly feel guilty for what they do?". It's hard to answer these questions, but one thing is for sure - a society will always function better with laws, both written and social. Here's what American Crime has taught us.

Men Can Be Raped, Not Just Women

The term "rape" is aimed more at women because it happens to them more often than men. However, do not be fooled; men can be raped too. Though this is a seemingly obvious fact, men being raped is an issue not taken seriously, but it should be. American Crime showed us that society deems women as weak and helpless in violent situations, such as being the victims of a sexual assault, but whenever a man is raped, people think it's consensual. Even if the victim is male, he is still a victim, and rape is still rape regardless of gender.

Taylor Blaine was drugged and then raped by Eric Tanner at a party, yet the school and the justice system didn't care or pay attention to him. However, if Taylor was not male, but female, then her case would have been the first thing the court attends to. Though the majority of men are seen as tough, rough, and masculine, that doesn't mean they can't be sexually assaulted, and more people need to understand that. Also, even if both Taylor and Eric are gay, that still doesn't change the fact that one of them was the victim and the other was the suspect. Have some perspective on this; just because a woman is straight and would only have sex with males, that does not imply that she cannot be raped by a man. The same thing goes for homosexuals.

Some Parents Are Willing To Break Their Morals For Their Kids

Coach Dan Sullivan's daughter, Becca, was responsible for selling disorienting drugs to Taylor Blaine, which caused him to shoot and kill an aggressive high school student. Dan was willing to destroy all evidence (the drugs, Becca's phone chip) and keep it a secret from the police, but texts between Becca and Taylor were leaked online by a hacker and she was incriminated. This goes to show how some parents are willing to break their morals just to keep their kids out of jail. If Dan had found out that a student, or even a player of his basketball team had sold drugs, he would report it to the police and be fine with the teen going to prison. But, that was not the case with his daughter. Parents love their kids so much that they are willing to do what it takes to keep them out of the justice system even after committing a crime. Anne Blaine, Taylor's mom, displayed this too when she tried proving her son innocent despite the fact that he killed someone, even while disoriented as previously stated. Some may say this is good, some say this is bad, but the law is the law, and it should be obeyed.

People In Authority Might Make Decisions Based On Racial Bias And Racial Preference

Chris Dixon, the principal at a public high school across town from Leyland, was responsible for suspending Mateo, a latino high school student for defending himself against an African American student. Mateo wasn't the one that instigated the fight, but he was the one who received the punishment, not the other student. Dixon, an African American, chose not to suspend the attacker because he was of his same race. However, decisions made by authority should be made in an orderly manner without bias towards, or preference for, a certain race. Mateo shouldn't have been suspended, but unfortunately, corruption and racism took place, and that led to his unnecessary arrest.

These are just three of many things this show has highlighted about the flaws in human nature of American society. If you've watched American Crime, what do you think it teaches about American society? Let me know in the comments below!


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