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As soon as the season 5 finale of Suits finished airing, fans began speculating about season 6, and many assumed the next season would open in a time jump.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Suits creator Aaron Korsh put those theories to bed.

"We're coming back right where we left off. You want to see how we're going to get out of it in a specific way. We're coming back to the very night that we ended the episode on. The entire episode as is currently contemplated takes place with Mike's first night in prison and the first night back at the firm when they've come back and it's empty.

The season 5 finale ended with Mike taking a plea deal in court, agreeing to spend 2 years in prison, sacrificing himself to keep Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna, and Rachel out of prison.

In doing so, he also effectively destroyed their firm, allowing all the workers to leave once it was confirmed by the deal that Pearson Spector Litt had indeed committed fraud. When asked if he thought whether Mike had realized he was ultimately demolishing the firm by accepting a deal, Korsh answered,

"I don't know that that had occurred to him. If it did, he might have thought that through. But more importantly, he did what he did to save Harvey and Jessica from going to prison. He cared about the firm a lot, but they can possibly rebuild the firm and their lives.

And rebuilding the firm is exactly what those who are left will have to do, if they stick around.

"Season six is really about moving forward. How is Mike going to handle life in a new environment, and what kind of toll will that take on his relationships? As for the other five, what happens when the two pillars of their existence — Mike and the firm — have been knocked out? Will they regroup and band together and overcome, or are they going to go their separate ways? Basically, how will they respond to this gut punch that's ripped them apart."

It's certainly going to be a crazy ride watching this all play out.

Suits is expected to return later this year, and is to start filming "early April."

What did you think of the season 5 finale?


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