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I've heard the argument that bowling isn't a sport, and that anyone can do it. I dare any one of those haters to catch a baseball or football, or hit a tennis ball, or slap a puck into a net after drinking their weight in beer. Because brotha, it's true what they say; the more you drink the better you bowl!

If you're like me and absolutely love both the bowling and beering aspect of the game, then you probably have seen all the movies and television shows that even have 2 minutes of bowling in them. And, if you're a real junky like me, you've also spent hours on YouTube gawking at the masters of the game pick up impossible splits and rolling 300s.

I decided to take it upon myself to collect as many clips from movies and tv shows, and YouTube videos showing just how great the sport (SPORT I say!) of bowling really is, and put the pros side by side with the stars to see just who's better (or luckier).

Let's roll!

What better place to start than with the approach. It's just as important as your release, and man, have their been some doozies in the history of the game. But none better than Jesus himself, from The Big Lebowski:

ick @ the lick
ick @ the lick

The funniest approach I found on YouTube is, well, check it out for yourself:

Dance, man!

The 7-10 split is one of the most dreaded splits to get, and one that I've actually somehow managed to pick up once. In a state tournament, at that!

The first time the 7-10 was ever picked up on television was by Mark Roth:

Not long after, John Mazza did it too:

But none did it with the grace of Fred Freakin' Flintstone!

Believe it or not, I actually bowled with a guy whose style was similar to Fred's. Twinkle Toes, we called him.

Sometimes, it doesn't quite go as planned. And by that I mean, it goes in the other mother truckin' lane.

Josh Scanlan was trying out for Team USA one year, and his 3rd shot kinda went awry. But it ended pretty funny!

Not so funny for Ryan Gosling in Lars and the Real Girl, unfortunately:

Back to the splits. Walter Ray Williams, Jr. had an amazing shot one the 4-6-7-10 on live tv!

Woody Harrelson got a split once, too. But Walter Ray's pickup didn't cost him his bowling hand...

Speaking of Roy Munson...check out this sweet strike! I mean, it completely screws with physics, but whatever. It's Kingpin!

And speaking of defying physics, check out this little 3 pin that could:


Exploding pins...not so much of that happening in real life. But the movies is where we go to escape real life, and see exploding bowling pins!

Superman did it:

So did this weird dude in Critters:

Since I'm pretty sure no human has done it, here's a video of someone actually blowing up a pin-

Dude Perfect never fails when it comes to trick shots, and bowling is just one of their specialties. Here, their video starts off with them throwing a ball through the legs of their buddies:

In the movie There Will be Blood, Daniel Day-Lewis's character doesn't quite have the same finesse, and um...ends up killing the guy with a bowling pin. That part isn't in the gif, though.

Let's revisit the 7-10 split now. Here's a big ole collection of PBA players getting the big one. There are a couple repeats at the first, but oldies are goodies, and repeating goodies is just fine!

In Men In Black 3, Will Smith leaves the dreaded 7-10 with an alien's head:

But of course, he picks it up-

One of my favorite shows of all times, Perfect Strangers (yes, I'm kind of old), has Balki and his crazy approach:

Which, incidentally, gets him strikes! But in one episode, he leaves that darned 7-10:

Of course, he picks it up. Balki Bartokomous always wins!

It's time to wrap this turkey up, so I'll leave you with non other than King Ralph, and his famous vase spare-


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