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I Love my marvel movies and DC shows and movies too, Starwars is also great

( warning the following may contain spoilers)

The other day CW announced that Flash, Arrow and Dc Legends of Tomorrow are all getting renewed for new season's but that's a whole other topic I could talk about so Lets get straight into it:

So with flash coming back in two Weeks !!!!! I thought it might be an Idea to have a pretty big jump it into the future of season three and talk about maybe the stories that they could go with. Although these probably won't happen for a long time.

3. Cobalt blue

Cobalt blue is basically Barry's long lost twin but in the end stands for everything the flash doesn't. His name is Malcolm Thawne and his got a different name cause the doctors actually GAVE him to the thawne's to raise. He eventually becomes a villian to the scarlet speedster. This would be such a Plot twist to the show if he showed up and this happened but due to the appearance of Eddie thawne and his death I don't think they would go in that direction.

2. Barry of the future

That's right. In the comic's Barry of the future thought he was whats wrong and he had to do one thing to stop it all, Kill his past self. He traveled back through time so he could achieve this goal. I mean what better villian then himself, it would be an interesting fight i'm sure....


WE HAVE SEEN JAY GARRICK, JOHN WESLEY SHIPS FLASH. This would make such a cool story for all the flashes of different worlds to come together for the biggest story in comic book show's. I think this would be awesome but also reckon they shouldn't do it just yet and wait until the very last season as flashes sacrifice and wally taking on the mantle would sure make a great way to end it once and for all....

Tell me what you think !!!!!!!


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