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Glorry Mang

1. Who is Penny's Mother?!

So I'm pretty sure this makes no sense. Has anyone ever realized that every character has parents introduced...except for Penny's mother. Does she have a mother?? Where and who is she? Will we ever meet her? And why as every parent been introduced with the exception of her? We may never know.

2. Sheldon has never seen Star Trek?!

Yep you heard right! Jim Parsons who plays Sheldon...the nerd who is obsessed with Star Trek, has not even seen it! I guess it shows how great of an actor he is. Yet it still seems slightly wrong that he has not even made an effort to see them.

3. Bernadette's high pitched weird voice is not real?!

We all are familiar with Bernadette's high pitched and squeaky voice that is definitely interesting. Luckily that is not her real voice. She actually is from Jersey and of course has a New Jersey accent. Can you even picture that?

4. CBS gave the show two renewals?!

Apparently CBS practically worships The Big Bang Theory. They decided to renew the show twice with two seasons more each time. That is not a normal amount! So after these renewals they have at least 10 seasons to work with. Who knows maybe they will extend even longer!

5. There is only one elevator?!

In the show we always see as a sort of joke the broken elevator that forces the characters to walk up many flights of stairs to get to their apartments. What you may not realize is there is only one elevator and one flight of stairs. That pretty much means just a lot more editing. They all have to walk up the same flight of stairs many times just to get the effect of walking up a bunch of flights. What a hassle! Which of these facts surprised you most?


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