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Whoever has not seen Friends is completely missing out on life. Looking back on this show that i have seen all the way through three times over, I remember many memorable moments. I thought i would share a memorable moment from each main character's part and take a minute to relive those fantastic moments.

Chandler: The Proposal

I have seen this scene at least 5 times and it still brings me to tears every time. It is by far my favorite scene of the entire show. Chandler is in deep love and this scene and every word he utters is the sweetest thing you'll ever hear. It is a moment that once you have seen it you will never forget it.

Ross: The Holiday Armadillo

Something you would only expect coming from Ross. Such a great parent, but so odd at the same time. Not able to find a Santa costume for Christmas he decides instead to get an armadillo costume and teach his son Ben about Hanukkah instead. Of course that's hilariously odd already but Chandler must make it more odd by entering with a Santa costume utterly confused as to why Ross is dressed as an armadillo. And then of course Joey enters as Superman, all while trying to keep Ben believing in Santa. Such a great scene.

Rachel: Runaway Bride and Drunk Bride

Rachel is of course iconic for always being in a wedding dress. Starting at the beginning of the show when we first meet her she is sobbing and in a wedding dress. Later she gets super drunk and is in a wedding dress while getting married to Ross in Vegas. Both moments that will always be remembered.

Joey: Duck and Chick

Aside from Joey's famous catch phrase, "How you doin?" He is also known for being the adorable dumb one who does unexpected random buying a chick and duck as pets. How adorable! His bond to them was the cutest thing ever.

Phoebe: That's how we get hamburgers

Phoebe is obviously most known for her explicit children songs which should not be heard by children's ears! Although Smelly Cat is her most known song, one that is pretty great as well is the hamburger vegetarian song. The audience is shocked as she sings it to a class of small children, but so hilarious because Phoebe is the only one who could get away with that.

Monica: Fat Monica

We tend to love this part of Monica because of the hilarity and also because it is the exact opposite of the character they had her be in the majority of the show. Skinny Monica who is very OCD used to be a fat slob and it is the best thing to watch.


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