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So we all love Hedwig the snowy owl, that Hagrid bought Harry for his 11th birthday. But could Hedwig secretly be Lily, Harry's dead mother?

Point 1 - Hedwig is a very inteligent owl

The minister of magic says so himself. How can Hedwig deliver post to someone without an adress, quickly? If she was secretly an animagi, she'd be able to know where to find the reciever.

Point 2 - James was an animagi

To begin with, I thought that Hedwig might have been James. However, James' animagus form is a stag and you can't have two forms.

So what if James assisted Lily on becoming an animagi? He'd done it before himself, it would fit.

Point 3 - It has happened before

Secret animagi pets at Hogwarts has happened before. We found this out in the Prisoner of Azkaban, with Scabbers and Pettigrew.

Point 4 - But Lily is dead!

Maybe she isn't! Maybe she switched form as the curse hit her, leaving her human body behind. She could be stuck as an owl, but still alive.

Point 5 - Hedwig gives Harry presents

Hehe, I like this one. What if each time Hedwig brings Harry the typical predator pet gift, she is trying to make up for the times that she never bought Harry a birthday present.

Point 6 - Hedwig is killed in the Deathly Hallows

Maybe Hedwig's death marked that Harry was now a true orphan, without anything like a parent, except for Remus, who is all that he has remotely like family.

So what do you think? Is Hedwig really just a normal pet, or is she Harry's mother?


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