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The CW Network has renewed all of its DC Shows. Arrow and The Flash are all set to return for seasons 3 and 5 respectively this Fall, along with Legends of Tomorrow (a new addition to the Fall schedule) and Supergirl (a new addition to The CW Network). Both the shows will debut their Season 2 along with the veterans, Arrow and The Flash. Now that The Flash has concluded with its second season, let the speculations for the third season begin!

Spoiler Alert: This article might contain mild spoilers from the season finale of The Flash. So, if you haven't watched the episode, watch the episode and then come back. You have been WARNED!

Now that we have got that out of the way, let's get right into it without further ado.

Here's the list of 6 Things That Need To Happen in season 3 of The Flash:

6. Bring Back Patty Spivot

Shantel VanSanten was absolutely amazing as Patty Spivot on The Flash. She was funny and witty and brought a positive energy in Barry's life. We have enough funny moments every episode, courtesy of Cisco. But it wouldn't hurt to have another fun character on The Flash.. would it? Patty, Joe's Detective Partner, left Central City to receive proper training to become a CSI in The Flash's Mid-Season Premiere. But we think we didn't get enough of Patty this season, and they should make sure Shantel's a regular in Season 3. Agree?

5. More Superheroes on Team Flash

Make no mistake.. We love the existing Team Flash. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, Harrison (Harry, this Season) with additional help here and there from the Wests, Joe and Iris. But what Team Flash has lacked in the last two Seasons is the fact that it no other superhero in it, unlike Team Arrow. Well, we have seen Firestorm occasionally help out The Flash and this Season we got a temporary new addition to the Team Flash, Jay Garrick (who turned out to be Zoom). None of the members of Team Arrow (Arrow, Arsenal, Speedy, Canary, Black Canary) have superpowers but are still be considered as heroes. We would like to see heroes such as Wally West, Jessie Quick join Team Flash in Season 3 in spite of the fact that they don't have their powers yet. Although, Jessie went back to Earth-2 in the season finale, I have a feeling she's going to come back. And would we like Cisco to embrace his Vibe persona and become e a full-fledged superhero next season? HELL YEAH!

4. Gorilla City

This Season we got a look at Gorilla City on Earth 2, in the last scene of the Grodd episode. Gorilla City is very popular in the Flash Comics. The city, hidden in the jungles of Africa, is home to a race of super-intelligent gorillas. All we got to see is a mere tease. We would like to see The Flash trying to travel to Earth 2 and land at Gorilla City and spend an episode or two there fighting all those super-intelligent gorillas. If Grodd can cause so much trouble for the Flash, imagine what an army of gorillas can do to him. And while escaping from there, maybe bring back Grodd to Earth 1 in the process? If Grodd comes back to Earth 1, we'll surely like to see the following thing in Season 3..

3. Grodd vs King Shark

Imagine a giant walking-talking Gorilla and a giant half-man, half-shark going against each other causing mass destruction throughout Central City. And the Flash has to stop both turning it into a triple-threat match or even a two-on-one handicapped match (depending on whether Grodd and King Shark decide to work together). Flash writers, if you're reading this.. MAKE THIS HAPPEN.. PLEASE!

2. Keep Harry Around

Tom Cavanagh is an amazing actor. Don't agree? You're crazy then. He was great as Harrison Wells in Season 1 of The Flash. He is unbelievable as Earth 2 Harrison Wells (a.k.a. Harry) in Season 2. They killed him off in Season 1 Finale but were quick to bring him back in Season 2 as Harry. He has been an integral part of Team Flash in both the seasons. The Flash (both the show and the character) can't do without him. In the season finale, we saw Tom Cavanagh leave Earth-1 and go back to Earth-2 along with his daughter and the REAL Jay Garrick (not going to say who it is, just for the sake of those who haven't watched the episode). But I have a feeling that Harry's going to come back for Season 3 when he realises how boring his life is on Earth-2. If they don't bring back Tom Cavanagh for the third season, the Flash writers will be making a BIG mistake.

1. Not Another Speedster As The Big Bad

In Season 1, we had Reverse Flash as the Big Bad of the Season. And in Season 2, we have Zoom. And we don't want to see yet another speedster as the Big Bad of Season 3. Give us someone who could equally challenge (if not more) The Flash, without having to run fast. The Flash has a number of villains to choose from, who's not a speedster. If one villain is not enough to provide enough problem for the whole season, bring in a team. Yes! We're talking about the Rogues.

What would you like to see happen in Season 3 of The Flash? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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