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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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Well it's finally here. The 100th post and not a moment sooner.

With Batman vs Superman on the horizon it's important to note the set up that both Marvel and DC have in store for their movie franchises. And whilst Marvel is a bit disarrayed and a tad disadvantaged with many hands and many different production studios(DC does too, but looking at Marvel's history, the only blip DC had in my opinion was Green Lantern).

And boy how the tables have turned.

The actor,Ryan Reynolds starred in Deadpool recently and we all know how that turned out. Everyone enjoyed it's comic accuracy and it looks like Marvel's not stopping with their most recent trailer of Captain America: Civil War.

Above is the official new release of Captain America's Civil War and if you watched it till the ending. You'll see what broke the Internet.

And here it is... Ready??

the new Spider-man.
the new Spider-man.

Yup, that's right.. It's our friendly neighborhood Spider-man whose costume have ignited more debate then the person underneath the mask.
Now as someone who grew up on the Toby Mcguire Spider-man, I thought the costume was fine.
But this one looks much better to me. And I kinda agree that it looks too much CG, but the costume looked cool to me.

And when you have a blockbuster movie like Deadpool. You gotta ask yourself how Batman v Superman will measure up. And yes herein might lie the problem that we all want to go to the movies with the prejudice of something so popular and with all the trailers coming out there will always be that bias.

But for me I feel Batman v Superman will do adequately. Not too bad... but not too good. Maybe just maybe.... An average movie. And now I know a lot of DC fanboys and fan girls who will burn me at the stake for saying that. But here's why I think that DC will manage to keep up with Marvel.

1) With Batman V Superman.

Now, I did say Batman v Superman was going to be an average movie, however, it will be doing more of the stuff of what Marvel is doing, which is a lot of Easter Eggs.
Now if you don't enjoy Easter Eggs, or can't comprehend the extreme obsession for finding Easter Eggs in every movie, television show and any other form of media that we can find.
But for the minds that enjoy Easter Eggs like myself as I do enjoy it as a more of an inside joke kind of thing more than anything.
But really, I also enjoy the effort to put threads to set up the next movie.
And I feel I should explain myself more, because there is a line. I mean if it's too obvious, we'll moan and groan so it's much better to focus on the subtlety of it and thus, we appreciate the art more.

2) More of a cohesive story.
Continuing on from what I was saying, really the new movies coming out for DC, like Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and much more will all be because of the thread that was smartly thought out. Now I'm not saying that Marvel doesn't have a cohesive story, and that really I think the Marvel movie series was kind of an experiment.
An experiment that paid off only because of the growing community of the people that grew up with these comic books.

3)Tv shows connected to the comic book movies.

With all of the television shows out today, it is without a doubt that DC television shows have done much better than the Marvel ones.
The only two good Marvel television shows, that came out were only Daredevil and Jessica Jones. But with DC, there's Arrow, Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham, and obviously more shows planned so that it can all tie it back in to the movies that they have lined up, heck even the animated Batman series still holds up, and have much more intriguing story lines characters, and plots that can help the movies become much better.

4)DC will actually enjoy the competition

Now competition is a double edged sword, and whilst it's true that production and the inner workings of movies will always be a toil, DC can always take notes of the past, present and future of the Marvel cinematic universe, how? Well they've always done it no matter what, and I think for DC their golden goose was still the Batman series, past, present and future.

And DC has their flaws but I still enjoy the story lines, all because of one key factor, the villains.

5)The characters.

And thus with that, brings me to my biggest point and the selling factor, whilst, it's true that some of the characters from DC are also kooky, it is most likely to find that in the villains then the heroes.
And I know that for Marvel they have serious heroes as well but really DC has more.
But that doesn't interest me.

For me the thing that drives someone to be a hero, must share the limelight.
They must show me that a villain is not just a villain simply because he/she is poor although there are some like that but not all of them, and that they have actually a deep connection with the heroes that make you reflect and make you question how come, the heroes chosen the ethical ground over the easy solution.
It all comes down to subtlety and how it connotes to the viewers. Whether it be for a simplistic reason but a deep complex history behind it, or a deep history, but a simplistic facade.

And Marvel does do that from time to time but DC will always try more things to be gritty and to be morally grey, and find a way that all will question themselves about it.
And I think that's just the bottom line which is, they all need to be relatable and for me for Marvel, the only relatable hero was either Spider-man or Captain America and no one else.

But with DC, it was always Green Lantern, Batman, Arrow, Flash and many others, but mainly the villains.
And the two best for me were always Mistah J, and Harley Quinn.


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