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People Change. But the feelings are not.
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I Love Him.

I Love the way he talks.

I Love him because of thousands of reasons.

Honestly I'm Selfish because i want him to be part of my life.

Do you know why?

I'm Lorraine Hernandez. This is my STORY.

Chapter #1

I'm a college student in our university the Cavite State University. I'm also a theatre actor in our organization the St.Ar.S (Student Artist Society). I met this guy name Isaac Pelaez he's a college student taking of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. He is the kind of person that I want because of he is smart, intelligent, totaly conpetative and confident. The day that we met is the day of...


He standing near in the entrance door. He is totaly handsome but how can i get closer to him. He is so mysterious kind of person that i know because he don't have friends around he talks like a mysterious guy, But i like the way he moves he so different from the others cause he have something that i don't know why but theres one thing that i know he is so attractive.

That moment be like "Oh my Gosh" but how can I get closer to him?

But theres one problem her name is Jessa Valderama she's beautiful, Sexy, and Famous in our campus. His type is jessa valderama I know to my self that I don't have confident to say to him that i like him because i know that i don't have a chance to him.

So that moment i lost my chance. Starting that day I'm going to focus my self to study and i know that I'm a just 17 years old and theres a lot of guys around the world. I know that theres one guy that match for me.

2nd year/ 1st semester

2016 August 6.

- We have to prepared our show in intrams the TheatreFest. This is was a first class in 2nd year.

-While I'm walking inside in our college building...

in the staire there is one guy was crying? I'm curious so i'm talk to him and ask him why?? and he look at me... and he just said?

-Im fine.. im just boor...


-Because i get mad... to my mother..

That moment that i realize he is Isaac Pelaez... and now what im going to do? I was shock and then realize what im going to say?

-Are alright?

Isaac ask me.

-And now he is asking me?

-Yes! I'm Ok... and if your problem is that all? Why would you try to apologize and say sorry to your mother?

-Yes.. I want to say sorry to her but? i think it's too late?

-Why? it's too late?

-I don't know? but i feel that i'm idiot to get mad to my mother...

-Isaac? if your remorce is true so there nothing to be scared and there nothing to be late. If your thingking that your boor so? if you go now and say sorry to your mother? it will work . Trust me.

-Thanks but how do you know my name??

That moment that he question me that? how do i know him name? What im going to do?

-Isaac right? oh your i.d i saw there. I got to go..

So i run out from him.

Since that day... honestly i can't sleep at night. I don't know i was thingking him all night.

Day, Weeks and Months passed as by i don't see him through those days. I don't know? where he is? but...

December 6, 2016

Preparing for Christmas party.

- All of students preparing that day for christmas party and theres one guy that caught my attention.. Yes it was Isaac Pelaez.. Wearing Black t-shirt and pants and he was totaly gorgeous! and handsome! all the students was look at him I understand because he is famous. There is one girl talk to him and have a conversation and i don't know what that conversation is? Time elapse i don't know what is this feeling? There is a long conversation with isaac and that girl. I'm angry? no? is this called "Jealous" no? I need to elude i don't need to hurt my feelings of just jealousing the person that i don't have rights to say to him that i'm jealouse when he talks with another girl?

So i don't need to watch them. I need to focus of this kind of christmas party!!

-Hey?! We meet again?

-So what?

-Oh.. I'm so sorry??

-Who the hell are you??

And then i just figured out that was Isaac Pelaez!! Oh my gosh!!

-Isaac Pelaez? oh my gosh! Im so sorry! What you heard from me? I didn't notice that you was there i thought was a friend of mine. I'm so sorry!!

-Oh it's Ok i thought you was mad at me. hahahaha.

That moment was a embarassing moment of my life. I didn't notice he was there!! i been shock!!

- Oh? Lorraine hernandez right??

-Oh how do you know my name is?

-Oh.. that girl i ask him what was your name is? and she tell.

-Oh who's that girl?

-The girl in there?

he pointing out the girl before.

-So what was your talking about?

-You? you lorraine.


I was shock and why me? oh my goodness!! i think he is figured out that i like? no? I think he likes me too?!

-Why me??

And i ask him.

-Because you always look at me and I always see you here in the campus.

-So your saying?

Yes! I know that moment I starting to assume that he likes me too. Yeah i know that was a big dream but how?? if is true??

-Oh.. Lorraine i got to go! See next time..

-Wait! Isaac! why?

That moment? Isaac leave me a question that starting to curiousing me.

Dec, 21, 2016

Christmas Party Day.

-All of students in our College building was attend that day. Yes! honestly that day I started search where is Isaac Pelaez? and then i saw him...

He wearing Blue T-shirt and Black Pants and handle of 3 pink roses and walking forward to me. It was a Slowly and my heart was get fastest to beat. Yes! but? is this love?? Music fading in.. and it was my favorite music "Paint my love By. Micheal Learns to Rock"

What should i'm going to do? All the people around us i feel it like vanished and two of us was only in there.

-Lorraine for you.

He gave me the pink roses.

-Thank you. Isaac Pelaez.

I don't know what im going to say. Im speechless, Im freeze in the front of him and I don't know why?

-Lorraine are you ok?

-Yes im fine thank you. What is the reason of this?

-Lorraine I think you figured out I have crush on you thats why im doing this.. I know you don't have crush on me but I need to be brave this time. If you want i'm going your man starting today and you are going my girl starting today. If you want? I want to love you each day passed starting today. Lorraine?

I been shock and shaking is this true? Isaac love me too? yes! I love him but? I don't know...

it will work?

-Isaac yes! I love you too.

My Mother: Lorraine!!! Wake up!!

-And i just woke up! Oh my Gosh that was a dream!! It was a dream and i thought it was reality!!

My Mother: Hurry! lorraine! if i'm not mistaken this is your christmas party day right?

-Oh.. yes! mom..

/Oh my gosh! It hurts that it was a dream!! I need to move on from that dream. But! I can't i'm going to crazy! Should I just say i'm in-love?? no! lorraine! you need to focus.

-Where is my dress mom!!!

Christmas Party Time:

All the student was attend this moment. Yes! I started to search where is Isaac Pelaez and if is true my dream was going to reality!! and i saw him...

And it hurts me so much... he was with Jessa valderama yes! I know that i assume and started to hope that isaac likes me too. This is the reality when you started to think that you have a chance you will get hurt!! Thats why life is fair.

3rd year College.


-Yes!! it was a blast thank god im 3rd year college now and Isaac too. Yes!! deffinetly secretly inlove with him. That was sound like crazy right but it was a secret and I don't know how will takes time to move on. So i focus my self to study and Theatre.

One Time we have a Play in our campus. I'm so excited to perform with my batchmates and so we starting to sale a tickets inside and outside the campus.

I saw Isaac Pelaez in the bleachers. So I came and ask him to buy some tickets for our play.

-Hey. Isaac do want to buy some tickets for our play?

-Oh.. Yes! I like to buy and watch your play with the how much?

-Oh.. it just only 100 pesos. Thank you for your support in our play. Here is your ticket.

-Thank you... But lorraine can i ask you something?

-Sorry Isaac I need to go. bye.

-Wait lorraine!

Yes! I know that was so closed but i don't want to get hurt again. I need to live my life in realistic thing that theres no any of chance that Isaac likes me too.

Since that day. I started to think again what will going to say of Isaac Pelaez to me?

October, 23, 2017

The day of Play.

-All of committee's are now preparing and ready the set and all of props that needed to production.

The Moment that all audience are now coming. I'm so excited!!

Now Start the Show!!

While we play. Inside the backstage I saw him from the front side corner in the audience area. I need to focus my self or else the show will end of nothing.

But during in our play, unexpected to be happen our Sound Systen are broken and get spark and then unexpected that have fire in the back stage.

That's why all of the actors from the back started to panic.

Yes.. I'm one of them..

but during that.. I saw theres one man running and take me away from that place.

Yes! He is Isaac, he help me from that accident.

-We need to get out from here lorraine..

-Thank you Isaac..

Starting that day.

I feel that i'm safe from now it because theres one man that willing protect me.

We started to texting to each other and have a conversation.

We have lots of topics that we discuss to each other Earth, Politics, Goverment, Country's and even personalities. But the point of Love? yes.. we discuss it and have a conversation. I like the way he talks.

Days and Weeks passed as by. Honestly he's kind of person that I really love. He acts like my bestfriend, Brother and even my teacher...

4rt year College student.


-Now were Graduating in College! yes! This is my dream! and I know all of the student that will going to be happy if he/she is now graduating right?

November, 16, 2018

This day is the day Isaac go to my house...

We talk to each other and I started to question him...



-Why should you try have a Girlfriend? Your smart and handsome?

-Why should i'll try? I don't want to have it right now.

-Why? are you gay?


When I ask him. I thought he was gay! hahaha. Thank God he's not gay.

-Why? your not gay? then what is the reason?

-It because I have crush on one girl and I promise to my self that when we graduate i'm going to confirm her that I love her... and if gonna happen i ask her that will you be my girlfriend?

/When he said that to me... I started to envy in that girl he talks about.. yes! it because I like Isaac, I love him but I can't say it to him because im scared to lose our friendship if he don't like me too.

-Are you ok Lorraine?

-Yes! and i know Isaac that girl was so lucky to have you. I swear because you have a good personlities that anyone gonna love that.

-Really Lorraine? thank you.

-Of course... Isaac..

10 Days before our graduation day.

We had a celebration party for our batch.

So we get drunk that day.. Party all night.. we have a greate day! and have a so much fun that night...

After that when we drunk.. we sleep together in his house. But that night... the night that i would not to forget it because...

-Isaac i need to go bathroom...

-Oh.. lorraine! Just left from the kitchen area.

-Thank you...


-Wait... hahahaha!

after from the bathroom...

-Oh.. thank you lorraine i thought you leave me here! hahaha.

-Why are you talking about why im going to leave you! Your my bestfriend right! hahaha.

-Why it just a bestfriend?

-It because you are my bestfriend.


(He take my hand)

-Listen to my heart beating... it saying that... I L.O.V.E Y.O.U

Then he kiss me...

But I stand up.

He just knock down and sleep.

-Isaac I love you too.. but i know that your pointing is jessa valderama and thats not me.. I don't want to get hurt... Choose Jessa if you love her..

And i leave him alone...

Since that happen I don't want to see him.. but...

One Day before.. graduation day..

I saw him from the flower shop and buy some flowers.. I know that he going to give that to jessa valderama...

Graduation Day.

-All of us was excited because this is the day we been waiting for a long time..

MC: And now the Cum laude is Lorraine Hernandez.. now you can speak now...

ME: First of all I would like to thank god to having me here. Second my parents that always to support me whatever going to be my choice and also thank you for always remembering to me how is important to live thank so much. Third my batchmates!! thank you.. And St.Ar.S thank you for the knowleged you shared to me.. my classmates and friend.. Try and try until you succed! Don't waste your time be your self! catch your dream be the one who had that happiness of succes Thank you! and Congratiolation... to all of us..

After my speech... that was a blast.. hahaha...

I saw him. yes! He Isaac Pelaez..

Wearing Black toga and Cap.. handle 3 pieces of pink roses.. while walking forwarding to me.. Slowly fading in music and exactly my favorite song.. "Paint My Love by. Micheal Learns to Rock" and i remember before this is exactly my dream is...

-Lorraine for you.

he gave me the roses..

-I thought the girl you talks about is jessa?

-No? Lorraine it was you.... The girl that I dream the most, your beautiful, Intelligent.. and have a good personalities that i searching before... Lorraine?


I don't know what im going to say.. Oh my gosh! Im shaking!! This is reality!

-Lorraine hernandez? I love you...

-Isaac Pelaez? I love you More...

Then he kiss me...

To be continue..

(Thank you for reading)

"If you like my story just follow me and if you want the Chapter two of "Listen to my heart" just comment.. Thank you.. :)


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