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"Not Tomorrow Yet" was the thrilling 12th episode of The Walking DeadSeason 6, and had more going on than we can mention here. Johnny Depp, a covert attack, kidnaps, and even Carol back to her Desperate Housewives best. But what was the deal with the list that everyone's favorite homemaker was writing?

Carol's list on 'The Walking Dead' Episode 12
Carol's list on 'The Walking Dead' Episode 12

Believe us, this was no cookie recipe. Carol's list is in fact her kill tally (well, of alive people). We are actually convinced it should be longer, but here we go. The silver-haired Alexandria resident puts her kill count at 18, so here is the list in full:

  • R = Ryan Samuels, Lizzie and Mika's father
  • K, D = Karen and David, the unlucky prison residents who Carol offed in Season 4
  • L = Lizzie, the unfortunate Omen child who Carol gunned down — "Look at the flowers"
  • Terminus/Courtyard = When Carol went full Rambo to save Rick's group from cannibals
  • Candle Woman = Meat-eating Mary, the Terminus cannibal
  • Ws = Wolves, the raggedy group who attacked the Alexandria Safe Zone this season

The list isn't perfect; by all accounts Carol actually killed eight Wolves and she doesn't count putting the mortally wounded Erin out of her misery during said Wolf attack. Also, Lizzie and Mika's father, Ryan Samuels, wasn't killed by Carol; she just stopped him reanimating. What is the purpose of the list? Whether or not Carol's Alexandria stint has helped her regain a little humanity remains to be seen. We are sure that her list is about to come to an end, or about to dramatically skyrocket. The synopsis for the finale of Season 6 promises a bloody end, but just who will be exiting AMC's hit show?

Who should Carol kill next, or should it be her name added to a list? Sound off below.


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