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Jeph Loeb is running Marvel TV and he's doing quite well at the current moment. Jeph Loeb wrote such famous comics like Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Hush, Daredevil: Yellow and many more! This is interesting, because we're not sure if he is talking about the animated side of the franchise, or is this all live-action? Speaking with ComicBook at the Daredevil Season 2 premier, Loeb said:

"It never stops, we have, in one way or the other, there's nine or ten shows that are going."
"They're going on in my brain. The idea is, much like when I was doing television and writing comics at the same time, it's about telling stories, and making sure we are telling the best stories that we can.
"I'm not there alone, I've got people like Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, and Alan Fine at Marvel, incredible showrunners, incredible writers, Jim Chory, who's my head of production and can make all of these things happen,"

Okay, so not really any confirmation on what exactly he's planning. But this is promising, especially after recent comments about how awesome Jon Bernthal's Punisher could turn out to be! Let's take a look at the shows we know for certain:

1. Daredevil
2. Jessica Jones
3. Luke Cage
4. Iron Fist
5. The Defenders
6. Agent Carter
7. Agents of Shield
8. Legion (X-Men) on FX
9. Untitled X-Men Project 10. Damage Control

They also have 3 shows on DisneyXD

1. Ultimate Spider-Man
2. Guardians of the Galaxy
3. Avengers Assemble

So, their plate is pretty full right now, but who knows, might we see another show?

Lastly, he gives more praise to all those involved:

"It's having a team around you to be able to do exactly what you're saying, which is not just live here, but live ten months in the future and know what we're doing not just now but a year from now."

I know, we want to know more about what shows he's planning, but I still find this very interesting to think about Marvel's upcoming TV slate! Daredevil Season 2 streams on Netflix on March 18th! Check out the trailer for the brand new season below:

What shows would you like Marvel TV create?

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