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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is just around the corner and the fan anticipation borderlines impatience. But while we wait for the real beginning of the DC Extended Universe, there is a lot of speculation on how and where this Universe will expand. One such speculation is, of course, a Batman Beyond movie.

Now Batman Beyond became famous mainly from a dark cartoon with the same name first airing in 1999. Ever since the character enjoyed a decent amount of popularity, as well as a recent resurgence in the comics.

But why is this character so good for a movie let's find out:

4. A different type of Superhero movie

Even as a cartoon Batman Beyond was not just a superhero show. In fact, it has a dark, noir tone and setting making it one of the few really noir cartoons in the late 90s. An adaptation of Batman Beyond would be the first time we would see Batman in a noir film. A noir R- rated Batman Beyond film would be a different take on superheroes than today, introducing new genres to the superheroes one. A move like that would be perfect when a possible superhero fatigue would set in the fanbase.

3. Two Batmen

Everybody knows the relationship between Bruce Wayne and his butler Alfred Pennyworth, one that is based on paternal love and mutual respect. Well, 30 years in the future Alfred has died and Bruce is the old, wise advisor and father figure for a new Batman, Terry McGinnis. Their relationship mirrors that of Alfred and Bruce but with a twist. Instead of being just an advisor, Bruce is a guide, a mentor and the detective behind the Batman, having a more active role. Also, if the storyline would follow the plot of the episode "Epilogue" of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon Bruce would be a literal father for Terry, making the father-child relationship a little too literal.

2. New and old villains

Ever since the first season of the Batman Beyond Cartoon two things were consistent, Terry and Bruce arguing and the villains being a blend of both classic Batman villains and new ones. From Mr. Freeze being resurrected to Ra's Al Ghul possessing the body of his daughter and from a guy stealing Bane's venom formula to the Joker taking over Tim Drake's formula, many of the most famous Batman villains made a return on the show. Yet old villains are not the only ones who wrecked mayhem in the streets of NeoGotham. A new Cobra cult, a Joker's gang, Inque, Big Time and many more were all additions to an already magnificent Rogue's gallery.

1. A different kind of Batman

Let's get it straight Terry McGinnis, is not Bruce Wayne. Instead of an all time brooding Batman, Terry is a lighter and more positive one. While he was too motivated by the death of a parent, he still has a family for which he cares about, he has a school he is attending, a girlfriend and plenty of friends. Instead of being driven by vengeance and being suspicious of others, Terry instead believes in people and hopes for their rehabilitation. He has his mentor's compassion but Dick Grayson's heart and in the end, he might as well be the better Batman.


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