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The new trailer for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) has been recently released and the Internet blew up. Here on Moviepilot, half of the featured articles were just about the trailer and the surprising reveal of Spider-Man at the end. The trailer was action-packed and has really brought the hype for the movie to a whole new level.

The fact that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is coming out in less than a week and a half and everyone is talking about Captain America: Civil War is a good thing for Marvel. On the other hand, the hype is bigger than it was for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and people bashed on that movie because it was overhyped. Hopefully Marvel has learned their lesson and will hype their movies according to the final product so critics and fans don't get underwhelmed and give the movie a bad rap.

Captain America: Civil War is supposed to end in a way that will change the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole. The way I see the movie ending is that there is no resolution and the Avengers stay split all the way up to Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 where they have to put apart their differences to fight a bigger threat: Thanos.

That would be my guess on how the movie ends, but what about the real ending: the post-credit scenes. There is so many possibilities of what the post-credit scenes could actually contain. What I am sure about is that there will be a mid and post-credit scene like Ant-Man because there is a lot to set up for. So, what will these post-credit scenes be?

Spider-Man Setup

Official Spider-Man suit
Official Spider-Man suit

Spider-Man will be a big deal in Captain America: Civil War but will be more featured more towards the end. Since his first solo appearance is next year, there are some things that need to be established. Since we are being introduced to Spider-Man in this movie, what will his first movie be about? This is what the post-credit scene will set up. It could show us who the villain of the movie is since Marvel has not given us that information yet. That would be an awesome post-credit scene for Spider-Man fans to have the villain be revealed whether its Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, or anyone else.

Black Panther Setup


The other big Marvel hero introduced in this movie is Black Panther. He is getting his own solo movie in 2018, so what would that be about? Perhaps Wakanda would be in trouble or it could be Marvel's first flashback movie where we see Black Panther's origins? We are set to see Andy Serkis's character Ulysses Klaue in the movie, who we previously met in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He played the role of an arms dealer who knew Tony Stark before the events of Iron Man. He stole a bunch of vibranium from Wakanda which Ultron used to add strength to his armor. Ultron took off Klaue's left arm and we saw him being evacuated from his base by one of his minions. The post-credit scene could consist on Klaue's whereabouts and current doings which would tie into the role he will play in Black Panther.

Doctor Strange Setup

The next Marvel film after Captain America: Civil War is Doctor Strange. He will not be making an appearance in Captain America: Civil War, as far as we know, and could definitely use a post-credit scene to get fans ready for the upcoming film. Stephen Strange was mentioned in Captain America: Civil War as a threat. This means he has been Doctor Strange for at least 2 years. Could we see a scene of Doctor Strange in action? That would get the audience pumped for the movie.

Hulk's Whereabouts

Will we get an appearance from Bruce Banner and/or the Hulk? All we know is how he gets to space with Thor for Thor: Ragnarok. What if in the post-credit scene, we see Thor back in Asgard and Heimdall calls Thor over and says "Your going to have to see this." Then, they see a crashed quinjet on a planet with the Hulk running around in panic smashing things and Thor would say "Hulk?" and it would end. That would be a great scene and would further set up Thor: Ragnarok.


Fine, I'll do it myself
Fine, I'll do it myself

Marvel said we would not see any Thanos in Captain America: Civil War. What about the post-credit scene? We could finally see Thanos take some action. Picture this: the Collector is sitting in his collectible room and we see Thanos burst in and kill his guards. Thanos takes the Collector by his throat and asks him "Where is it?" The shot switches to the Collector and Thanos walking into a big vault where the Collector reveals one of the Infinity Stones and the scene ends with a big grin on Thanos's face.


Which movie do you think will be set up in the Captain America: Civil War post-credit scene?

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What do YOU think we will see in the 'Captain America: Civil War' post-credit scene(s)? Tell me below!

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