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Taking a strike at everyone's nostalgia once again, this time, I am going to write about Digimon. Digimon always came second compared to Pokemon mainly because they had many similarities. These included monsters that evolved, trainers that loved them and both were of Japanese origin. But what made Digimon really different were it's more mature themes, their unique and different way of evolving and, of course, the show keeping the Anime tradition of ending a series and beginning newer ones.

Now Digimon is airing a new, OVA type of series called [Digimon Adventure tri.](tag:3671795), that continues the adventures of the very first series Digimon Adventures and Digimon Adventures 02.

The series is going on in full swing now but let's just focus on something different. let us see the five most popular Digimon of all time:

5. Gallantmon (Jp. Dukemon)

Gallantmon was the final (mega) evolution of Guilmon, the third series main protagonist's (Takato) partner Digimon. He was the first Digimon to resemble that of a Knight, and the first Digimon to reference the "Royal Knights" group (of which we'll talk about later). His appearance, his skill set and his position as a biomerged entity of Takato and Guilmon, solidified him as one if not the most popular Digimon of the Digimon Tamers series.

4. Garurumon

Our next entry is none other than Garurumon the Digimon partner of the fan favourite Digi-destined, Matt. Garurumon was a fan favourite for a variety of reasons. These include his beautiful and elegant design, him being the second Champion level Digimon we have ever seen in the anime and the bond it had with its trainer. Whether you watched Matt riding Garurumon in the opening or him fighting multiple evil Digimon, Garurumon will always strike you as one of the most beautifully drawn and written character.

3. Devimon

On our third entry, we have Devimon, the evil Digimon. Devimon was the first truly evil Digimon we have ever seen. He was the villain of the first season of Digimon Adventure 01. While Devimon gave us plenty of reasons to hate him the two main ones were, his enslavement of other Digimon using the Dark Cogwheels and his part in the sacrifice and death of Angemon. Because of those malicious acts, Devimon was sewn into our memories as a true blue villain and a notorious Digimon bad guy.

2. Omnimon

Omnimon for Digimon is what Mewtwo is for Pokemon. A total complete badass of Legendary proportions. Omnimon not only is a cool looking Digimon with both a sword and a cannon as his main weapons, he is also the fusion of two already popular Digimon by themselves, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Having only brief appearances in the first two Digimon movies, Omnimon is that kind of Digimon that you scarcely see but drool over him when you really see him on screen. Oh, and for the hardcore Omnimon fans, you can see him again on Digimon Tri, where he is already confirmed to make an appearance. He is also a member of the Royal Knights, a group tasked with protecting the Digiworld and is a rival, and friend, of another Royal Knight, Alphamon.

1. Agumon and his evolution line

And the top most popular Digimon is nonother than Agumon, the partner Digimon to the leader of the of the first Digimon Adventure 01 series, Tai. Agumon is the most iconic Digimon of all series and reappeared again as the partner Digimon to the protagonist of the fifth Digimon series Digimon Savers (or Digimon Data Squad). Marcus Damon. Agumon in his early stage of Koromon, is the first Digimon we ever see and his fusion in his mega form, Wargreymon, with MetalGarurmon results to another fan favourite Digimon, Omnimon.

Do you think that other Digimon deserved to be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.


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