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WARNING! This article may contain spoilers from Young Justice

There are many reasons why people want a season 3 of Young Justice to be made. Some may simply say it's because the series was entertaining, others may answer that it's too see what Vandal Savage has up his sleeve, others may just like the Justice League and their awesome sidekicks. However there are some, like me, who want a third season to answer one vital question: Did Wally West really die in the season 2 finale?

Personally? I don't think so. If a season 3 happens, this shouldn't be the last we see of the awesome Wally West and below I've compiled six reasons why he would make a reappearance in season 3.

1) There are no on-screen deaths in Young Justice

You may laugh but this is actually a very important point to start off with. Even though Young Justice may have some pretty serious themes one must always remember one basic fact- it is still a kid's show. So that might explain why the audience never sees the real deaths of any characters. Normally, we hear that they have passed through what the characters say and the one other death we see (that of Artemis) turns out to be fake! So why would the sole real death be of one of the founders of the Team? I'm not sure about you but this seems a bit fishy.

2) He just fades- no body, no proof!

No body, no proof- that's a lesson I learnt from watching The Walking Dead. So the fact that Wally simply fades away just seems too convenient. Just bcuase he vanishes does not necessarily means he's gone, permanently. For all we know he could have been teleported to some other alternate universe or even to another point in time! In a series with mind controlling helmets and egyptian-like magic the possibilities aren't as far fetched as they might seem.

3) Barry went through something similar

Yeah, that's right, the great Barry Allen went through something similar to try save the world. For quite quite some time he had vanished and was assumed dead but in reality he had just returned to the Speed Force. However, eventually, to much of our excitement, he did return to fight and save the world another day. So, if Barry's story didn't end there, why should it be any different for Wally?

4) Bart never said anything about him being dead

Don't get me started on the whole time travel debate, I've seen way too much Doctor Who in my life to not question how Bart menages to change the timeline but I would think, something as iconic as the death of Kid Flash, would be an unwavering fixed point in time. And young Bart, being as talkative and bad at keeping secrets as ever would have let it slip, even slightly, that Wally wasn't in the future he grew up in. Yes, it's a possibility that Bart may have simply avoided saying anything so as not to shift the future into a worse state but, you'd think, that meeting your first cousin once removed who sacrificed his own life to save the world would have earned him a little more respect.

5) According to the comics he is the third Flash

So although Young Justice doesn't follow the DC comics as faithfully as we may wish, it is a known fact that Wlly West does become the third Flash in the comics. So, would they really disrupt the Flash's timeline so drastically that they'd remove a future Flash persona before he even earned the title?

6) He's Wally West! He can't go out like that!

So this one might be my biased opinion speaking but do you honestly believe that Wally West would go down like that? I mean, although the animation portrays him as rather goofy he is, if not the smartest, one of the smartest people on the Team. Also, we've seen him do quite some amazing things, so, personally, I don't believe he'd go down like that or at least, without one of his memorable snarky comments.

Okay, so these reasons may seem like hopeful thinking but as the flash himself said:

So let us forge ahead and continue to hope that everyone's favourite mini-speedster returns to the world we have all come to love and remember, the fate of a third season ( and the answering of our questions) lies on our shoulders.


Is Wally West still alive in 'Young Justice'?


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