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Science and Technology, are both the most innovative and advanced fields in the history of humanity. But for now, this article is about Technology. Since the mid twentieth century, technology has been advancing a whole lot. During that time computers occupied rooms, and then people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, computers started getting smaller, thinner, lighter, and more powerful which led to what it is now with laptops and desktops, everywhere wether on your desk or inside your backpack. Then, in the beginning of the twenty first century technology was still shrinking, and phones were getting better while the industry was led by Nokia. In 2007, Apple introduced iPhone which destroyed Nokia for good. Since then, phones kept advancing further, then Samsung introduced the Samsung Galaxy Note. It wasn’t just a phone, it was a whole entire galaxy which opened a new vision for smartphones and instead of shrinking, smartphones started to get bigger and bigger. In 2013, multiple companies like Pebble started the era of smart watches, this caused another completely direction, then Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft joined in. So now, what is the next platform?Smartphones are ridiculously fast, computers are more powerful then ever, and smart watches are still trying to get perfected. In 2014, Oculus entered an entirely different category which is virtual reality, virtual reality is the next platform, and it will become the most social platform, but of course like computers, smartphones, and smart watches, this started a entire revolution. Facebook saw the opportunity and purchased the headset maker for 2 billion dollars, to enter the revolution. Later, Facebook and Samsung partnered with each other and created the Samsung Gear VR headset, which is a powerful combination of great hardware & software. Many companies like Google, HTC, and LG created virtual reality headsets to enter the revolution. Now in 2016, it seems that for the very first time, Samsung is the winner and one day not so long from now, you will be able to do anything you want anytime you want such as going to the movies and hanging out with your friends, or hiking a mountain, or going on a vacation to Mars, all through the power of the world of virtual reality. This is the next chapter in the history of technology.


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