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So, now The Flash is in it's second season and it was recently announced that it will have a third season. Here is a list of the 5 things I hope to see in Season 3 of The Flash.

1. Barry Allen being exposed as "The Flash"

It would be great if Barry finally gets exposed as "The Flash" because right now alot of people always want to know who he is, but no one has any clue, and it could play a huge twist in the story line of the show if another bad speedster decides to travel back in time, and expose him as "The Flash" back then when Eddie Thawne wanted to find him.

2. Leonard Snart's Return

Leonard Snart was sent to Iron Heist in the third episode of season 2, but never seen again for the rest of the season. It would be epic if a new villain destroys Iron Heist, and frees Leonard Snart, and more criminals, then blackmailing cisco to make them weapons, then they attack many places. Also another way to bring him back would be using his Earth-2 dopple ganger, or any other Earth.

3. New Super Villain

Now, with all these different Earth's it would be great if we get to see multiple dopple gangers of the same villain, with dopple gangers of everyone in their teams, intent on destroying The Flash.

4. A third plot twist

In Season 1, the plot twist was that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, but is a different person named Eboard Thawne as well. In Season 2, the plot twist is that Zoom is Jay Garrick. Maybe in season 3, a new plot twist could come along.

5. Keep Dr. Harrison Wells & his daughter

Apparently Wells and his daughter are from Earth 2, but it would be best if they stay to be a part of the show in season 3.


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