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Short films don't get the recognition they deserve. I love movies, but it wasn't until the past month that I really started checking out some short films. You know what? They're fantastic. Creative people come together to tell a quick story, usually within 20 minutes, and it's amazing.

Short films don't really come on television, hit the theaters, pop up on a blu-ray, but they're all over the internet. It's really just a matter of searching, and finding the great ones. So have no fear, this article is the first of a series, where each week, I will post 2 short films that are worth your time to watch. Hopefully together, we can give these artists the attention they truly deserve.

Volume (2012) Directed By: Mahalia Belo

We've seen the story of a boy who falls in love with the girl next door, but Volume tells the story so beautifully. We follow the story of Sam who takes a journey back into his memories as he tries to figure out the girl next door, Georgina. Living in the world where everyone has their secrets, Sam want to know why Georgina has gone missing, and no one is really talking about it. Belo makes an incredible short here. It's beautiful to watch, the story is intriguing, the acting is wonderful, and Belo manipulates sound so perfectly that the viewer realizes that when all these things come together, film can be so enjoyable.

Bear (2011) Directed By: Nash Edgerton

Nash Edgerton is the brother of director/actor Joel Edgerton. Nash just wanted to make some films to show off his stunt work, and turns out that Nash is a really talented film maker. Bear is a true treat. It's complex, funny, and shocking. I don't want to spoil anything, so you really just need to watch the short, but it will definitely leave you surprised, but laughing at the craziness of this film.

Are there any short films that you think should be featured? Talk about your favorites in the comments below.


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