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Our television landscape is a constantly changing one, a world full of possibilities, full of conclusions, continuations and crossovers. Ways to unite television properties with other shows, movies, books or videogames. Creating shared universes that could potentially join multiple fanbases into one. In this article series I'll list a few potential lucrative and most of all entertaining crossovers that could change the television landscape for good.

But since this is not a series of "outlandish crossovers that never will happen" articles but one of legitimate potential crossovers there are a few key-requirements:

  • the products need to be produced by the same studios/networks
  • the products MUST NOT reportedly exist in definitely different universes (like the DC television Universe and the ongoing DC cinematic universe)
  • the crossover must NOT break the established canon of either show (like the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover did)

So without further ado, let's get going:

"Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" is ABC's moderately performing superhero drama about the name giving organization SHIELD. Sadly in the past the show has focused very little on the events of the MCU as has more or less been the MCU's silent bystander slightly reacting to what the MCU is doing. Instead of being the ones dealing with the aftermath of an Avenger battle they follow their own rather flat storylines about Inhumans. A crossover of storyline based on a lucrative MCU property might be the key element to get the show back on track.

Since the show was given a fourth season and a fifth one might make it to the air I'll take out the freedom to write a shortened final fifth season here consisting soley out of wrapping up the series via tying it together with the MCU.


1. Red Room

Special Guest Starring:

  • Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow
  • Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood

Guest Starring:

  • Julie Delphy as Madame B.


Still imprisoned by the US Goverment following the events of the Civil War Natasha Romanoff calls in a favor from Phil Coulson: back in her youth she was trained by a mysterious shadow organization known as Leviathan. A facility that tormented young girls until they became devoted soldiers, to this day the facility is active. Romanoff begs Coulson to destroy the facility and end the suffering of girls like her once and for all. As a favor to his friend Coulson and his team infiltrate and take down the organization only to find out that an aged Dottie Underwood leads the facility to this day.

2. Closure

Special Guest Starring:
  • Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter
  • Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark
  • James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis
  • Chad Michael Murrayas Jack Thompson
  • Enver Gjokaij as Daniel Sousa
  • Bridget Regan as Dottie Underwood
  • with Neal McDonough as Dum Dum Dugan
  • and Emily Van Camp as Sharon Carter
Guest Starring:
  • Ray Wise as Hugh Jones
  • Lyndsy Fornseca as Marie Angelina Stark
  • Lesley Boone as Rose Roberts
  • Lotte Verbeek as Ana Jarvis
  • Derek Luke as Gabe Jones
  • JJ Feild as James Montgomery
  • Kenneth Choi as Jim Morita
After capturing Dottie Underwood and destorying her criminal organization named Leviathan, Agent Sharon Carter wishes to visit her to find out what happened in the early days of SHIELD. A time her grandmother Peggy Carter never spoke about. Shortly before dying Dottie reveals the truth to the team, in flashbacks the storyline of "Agent Carter" is brought to a close. With the remains of the Anti-Matter Hugh Jones attempts to create the ultimate energy system only to see the entire building implode and threatening to tear down an entire US village, a village Peggy Carters old friend Angie Martinelli lives in. Peggy calls in the help of Howard Stark to help her disband the chaos but Dottie, who has obtained control over Leviathan at this point, sees this as a chance to obtain some of the anti-matter for herself. Together with Daniel Sousa, Jack Thompson and the Howling Comandos Peggy takes down the Leviathan commando while Stark and Jarvis barely manage to close the anomaly caused by the anti-matter. In the final scene we find out the fates of various Agent Carter characters: Peggy Carter and Agent Sousa got a child together and founded SHIELD, Jack Thompson became NY's chief of police, Angie Martinelli became the wife of Howard Stark and eventually Tony's mother and the Howling commandos died in battle.
3. Diversion:

Special Guest Starring:

  • Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif
  • Zachary Levi as Fandrall
  • Ray Stevenson as Volstagg
  • Ken Kensai as Hogun


As multiple asteroids crash in norway multiple news of mysterious attacks by mythical creatures become louder and louder. The SHIELD team investigates into it only to find out that the Marauders, a ragtag crew of alien species, have set their eyes on earth. As Lady Sif, Hogun, Fandrall and Volstagg appear to defeat the invaders the team finds itself in the middle of a war between creatures with god-like powers. In the end the battle turns out to have been a giant diversion by the Frost Giants, who seek out their ancient temple where they plan to ressurect Laufey.

4. Melting back to Life:

Special Guest Starring:

  • Jamie Alexander as Lady Sif
  • Colm Feore as Laufey

Special Appearance by:

  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor

With the Warrior's Three back in Aasgard the SHIELD team is aided by Lady Sif in taking down the Frost Giants, however the army of demonic creatures reaches their goal of ressurecting Laufey through the life essence of Sif. In the final battle between Laufey and the SHIELD team Thor makes his way to earth and defeats Laufey by saving Sif. In the final scene Thor and Sif make their way back to Aasgard leaving the SHIELD team with dozens of locked up Frost Giants.

5. Freedom:

Special Guest Starring:
  • Tim-Blake Nelson as Mr. Blue


Abomination is seen roaming through New York, aimlessly destroying everything he finds. The team attempts to catch the creature but fails miserably. Thus they attempt to solve the situation on their core, their investigation leads them to Mr. Blue, who along with Abomination fled the SHIELD prison camp after HYDRA took over and turned Abomination into his personal pet. By breaking the link between Abomination and Mr. Blue the team manages to bring the two up against each other and end up freezing both to a giant block of ice.

6. Extremis

Special Appearance by:
  • Don Cheadle as War Machine (voice only)
Guest Starring:
  • Rebecca Mader as Maddie Mallen
Former A.I.M emplyees are found murdered, as the team investigates into the situation they find out that the last remnant of the Extremis project, Maddie Mallen, has set out to kill everyone she considers responsible for her instable situation. With the help of War Machine they manage to tame Mallen and give her medical attention.

7. In Your Head:

Special Guest Starring:

  • Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
  • David Tennant as Kilgrave


Jessica Jones goes on a rampage in Hell's Kitchen, the team attempts to tame her but only finds a severely disturbed Jessica instead of a raging lunatic. Trying to find out who framed her the team soon discovers the ugly truth: the mere thought of Kilgrave makes Jessica break into a fit of rage. As she's haunted by a Kilgrave hallucination the drama ends with Coulson helping Jessica realize that Kilgrave is, in fact, dead.

8. Birth of a Feud

Special Guest Starring:
  • Charlie Cox as Daredevil
  • Vincent D'Onforio as Kingpin
Special Appearance by:
  • Tom Holland as Spider-Man (voice only)


As Kingpin strikes a deal with SHIELD to give them special information about HYDRA the team desperately needs they agree with bringing him to a new prison facility. With the help of Daredevil they prepare a prison transport but the road out of Hell's Kitchen is plastered by HYDRA operatives that won't stop at anything to shut Kingpin up. As Spider-Man joins the fight they barely manage to fly Kingpin out and he gives them the important piece of info: Red Skull is alive.

9. War (Series Finale)

Special Guest Starring:
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
  • Emily VanCamp as Agent 13
  • Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill
Special Appearance by:
  • Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man (voice only)
  • Tom Holland as Spider-Man (voice only)
  • Frank Grillo as Crossbones (voice only)
  • Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther (voice only)
  • Paul Rudd as Ant-Man (voice only)

Guest Starring:

  • Titus Welliver as Felix Blake/Red Skull
  • J. August Richards as Deathlok
  • Patton Oswalt as Billy Koenig
  • Kirk Acevedo as Tom Calderon
  • Mark Dacascos as Giyera
  • Brian Patrick Wade as Absorbing Man
  • Martin Donovan as Mitchel Carson
  • Falk Hentschel as Backlash
  • Waren Kole as Pilot
  • Aaron Himmelstein as Cameron Klein
  • Jesse Bradford as Benjamin Pollack
  • Pascale Armand as Akela Amador
  • Ron Glass as Dr. Streiten
  • Amanda Righetti as Agent Callahan
  • David Conrad as Ian Quinn
  • Callan Mulvey as Jack Rollins
  • with Danny Pudi as Moore
  • and Lizzie Caplan as Claire Wise
  • Al Coronel as Agent Rivera
  • Bodie Newcomb as Mack
  • Dale Godboldo as Garrett
  • Josh Cowdery as Agent Tyler
  • Derek Phillips as Agent O'Brien
  • Lou Ferrigno, Jr. as Hauer
  • Joe Russo as Doctor
  • Terrell Tilford as Hart
  • Sarayu Rao as Jazuat
  • Imanda Corocan as Goodman
  • Sai Rao as Susanna
  • Cornelius Smith Jr. as Case
  • Kyle Mattocks as Harris
  • Dayo Ade as Barbor


With Kingpins information about HYDRA's last big facility the team along with Nick Fury's newly assembled SHIELD prepares for war and marches towards the bastion. Felix Blake, a loyal agent, reveals himself as Red Skull, who stood by and watched as HYDRA slowly took control. The bastion is revealed as another helicarrier. A giant fight ensues and the SHIELD team goes to HYDRA's helicarrier to take it down. With Crossbones, Giyera, Absorbing Man, Backlash batteling Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man on deck; Red Skull, Mitchell Carson, Ian Quinn take care in the control room and have a strategic battle against Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent 13. Meanwhile the entering team has to fight Jack Rollins and Hauer on their way to the Helicarriers central engines. Aided by Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Panther and Ant-Man the fight on the two Helicarriers breaks out and ends with HYDRA ultimately defeated.
How to pull these Crossovers off:

Robert Downey Jr., Paul Rudd, TomHolland, Chadwick Boseman, Don Cheadle:
Get RDJ, Tom Holland, Paul Rudd and Chadwick Boseman to a sound studio close to them and have them record their lines. Nothing more needed, the physical appearances of their characters (in their suits obviously) will be done via stunt performers. That's the beauty of having masked heroes.

Chris Hemsworth:
Now, Chris Hemsworth is a big actor and neither his schedule nor the budget allow for a long guest spot. HOWEVER a day's worth of filming the final sequence in wich Thor saves the day and swipes off might be in the budget.

Emily VanCamp & The Agent Carter Cast:
Emily Van Camp's only appearance on set would be durng the storytelling shots with Bridget Regan, otherwise the rest of the episode would pose as a normal episode of Agent Carter.

Scarlett Johansson:
Simply put: soley in one location. Romanoff being imprisoned offers a chance to only film three-four scenes in a rather quick time to keep the costs and scheduling efforts low.


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