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Tyler Ourada

So lately I have been really into the game Life is Strange. Life is Strange, is an episodic Choose your own adventure game, that revolves around a young girl named Maxine (or Max) Caulfield, who has the ability to rewind time. As I have said in my review of this game, Life is Strange is a game I would describe as down right adorable, I mean just look at the main character

So I was a little surprised to find, that a cute little game like Life is Strange, has a lot of fan theories. these theories range from two characters being the same person, to what really caused the tornado in the end (spoilers), to if Max is really a hero or a villain (which if you think about it is a dumb question, because it's a choose your own adventure game, so really Max is whatever you want her to be. I always viewed her as a hero personally, but the game has branching paths, so yeah.) This is a game that I plan to go into more with the fan theories, and speculation. Life is Strange is as deep as it is cute.

So this is a topic I plan to go into further in the near future.

How about you Do you have any theories about Life is Strange, or any other titles you would like me to discuss, let me know in the comments.


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